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TomTom: A Unity customer story
Feb 23, 2024

Facing tricky challenges familiar to many automotive human-machine interface (HMI) creators such as restrictive hardware and lengthy development cycles, why did TomTom choose Unity to build their in-car applications? We caught up with TomTom’s VP of Engineering Visualization to see what he has to say on the subject. Check out the video above, and the highlights below to find out more.

TomTom's Top Three

Discover the compelling reasons why TomTom selected Unity:

#1: Performant on automotive hardware

Proven track record of delivering high performance HMI solutions, delivering exceptional visual quality on standard automotive chipsets. As demonstrated by Mercedes-Benz AG’s selection of Unity.

"Having access to the knowledge base and experts that are able to teach us how to get the most out of the systems has been invaluable. It opens new channels for innovation because for us, ultimately we are a real-time product. So performance is everything. If that is not up to par, all the other innovation falls to the wayside. We need to make sure that the solution is always highly performant"

#2: Essential support

Tailored to the specific needs of complex industry projects, support programs such as Integrated Success are available to complement Unity Industry. Providing support to help teams solve critical challenges, accelerate time to market, optimize resources, and achieve business goals.

“The Industry Success program has been helpful to us to both upskill our development teams who are new to Unity, as well as keeping us on track. Part of the offering is a project review where we look at what we built so far, the direction it is headed, and then make course corrections based on that input.

Beyond that, we also have a group of dedicated developers from Unity that work directly with our team, and that is another accelerant to how quickly we adopt the tools, how we become more proficient with it, and therefore build more sophisticated products.”

#3: Flexible and configurable

Working in real-time enables teams to collaborate faster, ensuring rapid design review and UI/UX prototyping. Combined with in-built support for industry standard HMI hardware, operating systems, and partners, performant HMI solutions can be delivered faster.

”Unity brings industry leading experience when it comes to the iteration and the general configuration of workflows. The ease of use and the low barrier to entry, combined with the most broad support of different hardware and software platforms out there. Unity has scalability from the lower end to the very high end.”

“The speed of integration that Unity enables was one of the deciding factors. It’s completely changed how we are able to evolve the product at a much faster pace and have tighter collaboration between different disciplines. “
ROK ERJAVEC / TOMTOMVice President of Engineering

Benefits of Unity for HMI

Embrace the advantage of Unity’s leadership in chipset deployment and excellence for prototyping UI/UX.

Accelerate HMI workflows with supported partners
Major operating systems supported including Android, QNX, and Linux.
Integrated mapping solution providers.
HMI hardware supported, including NXP, intel, Qualcomm, and Nvidia.
HMI solution partners, including Elektrobit, Icon Incar, and Vectorform.
Unity HMI benefit accelerated UI prototyping
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