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DOTS roundtable: Maximize your game’s potential with data-oriented design
Dec 14, 2023

Making games is challenging, especially when you’re building on a big idea. Ambitious games can change a lot as they evolve, and even the smallest pivots will result in extra work and increased costs.

Unity’s Entity Component System (ECS) – part of the Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS) – gives you greater control and determinism over your project, unlocking your creative freedom and saving you time. But when is the right time to use ECS? Where should you best leverage its benefits? And how do you incorporate Entities-based components into your existing GameObject projects and workflows?

Watch our on-demand roundtable discussion on maximizing your game's potential with Unity’s Entity Component System. The panel features technical artist Rasmus Höök of Stunlock Studios (V Rising), Sunblink Entertainment CTO Justin Larrabee (HEROish, Hello Kitty Island Adventure) plus members of Unity’s DOTS team. They discuss the evolution of DOTS/ECS and how it can help you:

  • Develop with agility using flexible game architecture
  • Unleash your game’s performance on major platforms
  • Achieve optimal scaling in multiplayer games

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