Unity Reflect

With one click, create real-time 3D experiences in AR, VR, and more from Autodesk Revit. 

Real-time BIM is here

Unity Reflect helps you win more projects, conduct immersive design reviews, and connect design and construction – no coding required. With one click, Unity Reflect brings multiple BIM models with all their metadata to real-time 3D and maintains a live link between them. You can also create your own real-time BIM applications and customize the user experience by building on top of Unity Reflect.

Make better design decisions in real-time 3D

Native integration with Revit
Plug-in for BIM data transfer and optimization

Prepare and transfer BIM models into real-time 3D in one click, with out-of-the-box support for Revit.

Seamless data federation
Bring multiple models into real-time 3D

Multiple designers and engineers working on different systems in one model can bring their data sets into the same Unity Reflect project.

AR, VR, iOS, and PC Viewers
Review live-linked models in real-time

Unity Reflect maintains a live connection to your original design models. Every time you make a change in Revit, it’s updated in the Viewer.

How it works

Unity Reflect keeps everyone on the same page to streamline communication, speed up iteration, and drive better design decisions. With a live link to the original BIM models, you’re always collaborating in real-time. You can also bring projects from Unity Reflect into the Unity Editor to customize the experience.

Adam Chernick and Christopher Morse share their experience with Unity Reflect.

How SHoP Architects brings real-time BIM to AEC with Unity Reflect

Adam Chernick and Christopher Morse from SHoP Architects’ interactive visualization team share why Unity Reflect is “a very welcome technology” for their industry.

Webinar: Turn Revit models into real-time 3D experiences

Watch our webinar on replay to learn how Unity Reflect helps SHoP Architects and JDS Development Group better connect design and construction.

What AEC firms say about Unity Reflect

Adam Chernick, R&D Lead for AR & VR, SHoP Architects

“The time it takes to create real-time experiences from a BIM model has historically not been swift. With Unity Reflect, it’s easy for any architect or designer to move a BIM model and data into Unity. This is a game changer for our industry.”

Adam Chernick, R&D Lead for AR & VR, SHoP Architects
Eric Mourits, Lead VRLab, VolkerWessels Infra Competence Centre

“At VolkerWessels we create and update our design models quickly and frequently. We see great potential for Unity Reflect to remove friction and time from the design review and validation processes.”

Eric Mourits, Lead VRLab, VolkerWessels Infra Competence Centre
Kai Duebbert, Managing Director, Murphy Surveys UK

“The transfer of information and flexibility of linking into other programs has been impressive and we’re excited to see how this can augment our existing capabilities.”

Kai Duebbert, Managing Director, Murphy Surveys UK
Christopher Morse, Associate | Interactive Visualization, SHoP Architects

“The better we can communicate our designs to the people responsible for building them, the better feedback and results we’ll get. Unity Reflect can help us improve that communication and ultimately save time and money on our projects.”

Christopher Morse, Associate | Interactive Visualization, SHoP Architects

Key benefits

No need to leave design tools

From Revit, you can prepare and transfer BIM data for real-time 3D and make changes to models during review sessions. Creating AR and VR experiences has never been easier.

No coding skills? No problem.

To use Unity Reflect, you don’t need to be a Unity developer or know how to write even a single line of code.

One-click data preparation

Seamlessly optimize and federate BIM and CAD data from your design applications and generate interactive 3D renderings that are live-linked to your BIM model.

Stay on track and on budget

Meet increasingly condensed client timelines by bringing key stakeholders into a unified real-time 3D experience to share ideas and gather and implement feedback instantly.

Easily customizable

Bring your projects into Unity Pro to enhance the quality of your design review experience and create custom AR/VR applications connected to your BIM data. 

Build once and distribute anywhere

Thanks to the power and flexibility of the Unity platform, stakeholders can review models in real-time 3D on the platform of their choice.

Get up to speed on Unity Reflect

How Unity Reflect works

Learn how our new AEC product improves design review and construction planning processes by putting BIM data directly in the hands of any project stakeholder and on any device. 

Different ways to use Unity Reflect

Learn what the product can do out of the box and how you can customize your projects by building on top of Unity Reflect.

Connecting design and construction with Unity Reflect

Learn how SHoP Architects used Unity Reflect to help stakeholders accelerate communication and construction planning for a landmark project in New York City.

How Unity Reflect solves challenges in interactive visualization

Learn how Unity Reflect helps one firm overcome three major challenges in creating real-time experiences. 

Getting started with Unity Reflect

Learn how to use Unity Reflect with this free course on our learning platform.

Unity Reflect in the news

Stefanos Chen, Real Estate Reporter, The New York Times

“There has never been a more likely moment for virtual and augmented reality to move beyond showroom demonstrations, not just in the increasingly digital buying and selling process, but also in design and construction, which remain stubbornly analog.”

Stefanos Chen, Real Estate Reporter, The New York Times
Carla Lauter, Editor,

“Reflect could be a game-changer for Revit power users. When users want to share their work with a team, they can now do so with both high accuracy and broad device compatibility.”

Carla Lauter, Editor,
 Greg Corke, Managing Editor, AEC Magazine

“Having a live link can dramatically accelerate workflows. Firms can get feedback from clients or contractors, make changes in the BIM authoring tool, and then visualise them instantly on a tablet, or in VR.”

Greg Corke, Managing Editor, AEC Magazine
Jeff Yoders, Midwest Editor and Associate Technology Editor, ENR

“There were previously cloud services and other third-party solutions that allowed a parametric model to be transferred to the Unity engine, but never with the ease of a single click or of continuous updates.”

Jeff Yoders, Midwest Editor and Associate Technology Editor, ENR
Ryan Young, Community Manager, bimstore

“Unity Reflect seems incredibly simple for the user, but behind the scenes Reflect is optimizing a wealth of data and preserving BIM metadata, at the same time. Which as Revit users know, is a drawn-out and painful process – that is, until now.”

Ryan Young, Community Manager, bimstore

Annual subscription: $690

Unity Reflect is available now. Talk to our team today to learn how you can unlock the value of your BIM data and put it directly in the hands of every project stakeholder, on any device.


  • 1 seat of Unity Reflect
  • Revit plugin
  • Locally hosted server for data federation
  • Cloud-hosted project management server
  • Viewers to review projects in real-time 3D on PCs, iOS devices (including AR), and HTC Vive
  • Viewer reference application source code for additional customization (requires Unity Pro)
  • 24x5 technical support

Read the terms for Unity Reflect and the Unity Reflect Viewer.

Do I need the Unity Editor to use Unity Reflect?

You do not need the Unity Editor to use Unity Reflect. Unity Reflect is a standalone product. However, if you are a developer, you can build on top of Unity Reflect with the Unity Editor to create the best experience for your users. Our installer includes a reference application and documentation to make it easy to develop and customize your own applications.

Which releases of the Unity Editor are compatible with Unity Reflect?

Unity Reflect supports all 2019 releases of Unity and will always support the latest release of Unity.

Which Unity plans offer Unity Reflect?

If you wish to use the Unity Editor with Unity Reflect, you can only do so with Unity Pro. Unity Reflect is not available with Unity Plus or Unity Personal.

Which versions of Revit does Unity Reflect support?

It supports the 2018, 2019, and 2020 releases of Revit.

Is Unity Reflect a cloud-based product?

It is installed as on-premises software. We plan to offer a cloud-based solution in 2020.

Is Unity Reflect an open source product?

No. We give subscribers access to our Viewer’s source code, but you cannot contribute to this code.

Who needs a license for Unity Reflect?

You need a Unity Reflect license for every Revit user who uses the Unity Reflect plugin as well as for every user who will be developing Unity Reflect-based applications. Not every Revit user in your organization will necessarily need a license.

You do not need a Unity Reflect license to access the Viewers; however, Viewer users need to create a Unity ID to access the projects.

Are floating licenses available?

Not yet. Floating licenses will be available in 2020.

How do I bring Reflect projects into the Unity Editor?

You can import packages within the Unity Editor. To install the Unity Reflect package in the Editor, you will need to enable "Show Preview Packages" under the advanced options in the Package Manager. When you import, Unity Reflect simply creates a prefab.

What’s on the roadmap for Unity Reflect?

Visit our public roadmap here. We’d love to hear your feedback.

Check out the full list of FAQs.

See the full list here.

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