Unity Muse: AI tools for developers

Unity Muse’s powerful AI capabilities complement your creativity and streamline development. Get instant answers, generate unique assets, and see your game come to life faster than ever.

Your new AI assistant

Unity Muse makes it easier than ever to explore ideas and concepts and find resources quickly, all with natural language prompts.

Ideate and iterate faster with the power of AI

With Unity Muse, your prompts and inputs lead to fast results. Tasks that previously required long hours just to put together a concept, now come together quickly and easily. Spend less time on setup and more time on what matters most to you.


Unity HDRP Demo Scene reimagined with Unity Muse

Muse features


Use simple, natural input – a prompt, an image, a doodle – to instantly generate game-ready textures in any style, all inside your project in the Unity Editor.


Produce 2D art instantly, directly in the Unity Editor. With just a few simple prompts, you’ll receive a selection of modifiable, scene-ready sprites in seconds.


Solve challenging problems, get ideas for your project, and generate usable code through conversational AI chat that guides you on your creation process.


Bring humanoid characters to life with just a few text prompts, saving hours of traditional setups – designed for both aspiring and seasoned animators.


Instantly set up character interactions with Muse Behavior. Simply describe the desired behaviors and Unity Muse will create behavior trees in the Unity Editor.

Use cases

Leverage Unity Muse throughout your workflows.

Clean up your code

Unity Muse supercharges your project development. Use it to generate new sample code, find existing code, check snippets for errors, and troubleshoot as you go.

Prototype faster

Prototyping has never been easier. With Unity Muse, you can quickly summon art assets, create variations, refine targeted areas, and apply sprites and textures on the fly.

Unify your game style

Having a consistent look and feel for your game is essential. Muse Sprite’s Style Training makes this easy by ensuring your game has a unified look throughout.


Muse FAQ

Find detailed answers to the most common questions about Muse, including data handling, AI models, Muse Points, what "generations" are, commercial usage, and more.

Responsible AI

Learn how the AI models behind Muse’s asset generations are built, responsible AI practices, and how we’re able to extend output quality with only owned data.

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Unlock your creative potential with AI

Unity Muse is continuously improving and adding more capabilities to simplify and accelerate all aspects of game and real-time 3D development. Start our 15-day trial and discover the power of Unity AI for yourself.

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