Unity SystemGraph

Model the behavior of digital twins and mechatronics systems with an intuitive and extensible framework. Available as part of Unity Industrial Collection.

Streamline the simulation of mechatronics systems

Engineering systems today combine electrical, mechanical and control systems to drive technological advances. Unity SystemGraph, a flexible and easy-to-use node-based editor extension, is a runtime framework for modeling these complex systems. Engineers can now prototype these systems, as well as test and analyze their behavior, and make optimal design decisions without having access to the actual hardware.

Joachim de Verdier, Head of Safe Vehicle Automation, Volvo Cars

“At Volvo Cars, we have been using cutting-edge technologies from Unity in many areas of our work. Unity SystemGraph is a flexible and convenient development tool that fits well into our simulation work and boosts our software testing."

Joachim de Verdier, Head of Safe Vehicle Automation, Volvo Cars

Customer story

Velodyne Lidar boosts lidar tech with Unity simulation

Simulating a vast array of specific, real-life scenarios offers a fast, simple, cost-efficient way of validating lidar sensors before going into production. Velodyne, a leading lidar solution provider, uses Unity’s SystemGraph and High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) to simulate the data required to research and produce sensors.

Customer story

Ouster: Bringing lidar deployments to life

In this 25-minute session with an Ouster engineer, learn about the benefits of simulating scenarios with Unity SystemGraph and Ouster lidar, including sensor placement and objects of different reflective surfaces.

Ouster simulation

High-grade simulation with Unity SystemGraph

Sensor simulation

Emulate photosensors, such as lidar sensors and cameras, using custom system graph nodes to create sensor systems or with Prefabs of existing sensors.

SensorSDK is designed to help you:

  • Simulate existing photosensors and prototypes in Unity.
  • Easily configure, extend and modify components using specialized SystemGraph nodes.
  • Leverage more accurate simulation data.

Robotics simulation

Represent complex robotics systems much like how engineers organize system hardware in the real world, for more accurate simulation of functional parts, including motors and sensors. SystemGraph’s intuitive interface lowers the barriers to developing better software and expands the scenarios in which Unity can be used in robotics workflows.

Key features

Graph-based framework

Similar to schematics, this framework is intuitive and straightforward. Its nesting capability makes it easier to grow small systems into complex ones.

Scheduler framework

This framework enables you to catch up with the state of the components. Execution of logic is co-ordinated, clock-based, and high-frequency, so you can better emulate mechatronics systems and real-world behavior.


The debugger lets you understand the state of each component at any time, control execution speed, and observe the signals that components exchange.


Get accurate and fast physics models for lidar sensors and cameras, GPU-accelerated when needed. You can also choose from ready-to-use models validated with top sensor manufacturers like Ouster, Velodyne and others.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I get access and how much does it cost?

You can try or buy Unity SystemGraph through Unity Industrial Collection. Try it free for 30 days or purchase an annual subscription for $2,950 online today.

What are the requirements for using Unity SystemGraph?

It is tested and released on Unity 2021.1. While you may be able to use it on other versions of Unity, performance is not guaranteed.

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