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Unity at SIGGRAPH 2019
July 28—August 1 — Los Angeles, United States

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We’re offering Unity creators a complimentary pass to the SIGGRAPH 2019 exhibition. Use code UNITY19

Unity for all

At SIGGRAPH 2019, we’re celebrating all creators. Join us to learn how we are revolutionizing the art of storytelling with our high-fidelity graphics, flexible real-time 3D platform, and integrated artist tools and workflows.

Visit us at Booth 1241, Halls G-H.

Unity activities

The Unity booth

Booth 1241

Stop by our booth and check out the latest in high-fidelity graphics, artist tools and workflows, and immersive storytelling with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). See some of the latest projects Made with Unity, chat with product experts, or meet with our recruiting team.

Unity at Real-Time Live!

Tues., Jul. 30

You don’t want to miss this! Unity has two entries in this live competition. The Heretic and Reality vs Illusion: Real-time Ray Tracing show off cutting-edge real-time graphics. Attendees will get a look under the hood to discover the innovations and techniques used to achieve jaw-dropping results in seconds.

Collaborative Virtual Production

Mon., Jul. 29, room 407, 5-7pm

Digital Monarch Media™ presents Collaborative Virtual Production with Unity Technologies. Habib Zargarpour demonstrates how Expozure VFT®, a Unity solution for film and TV productions of any size, can deploy low-cost assets with Unity HDRP while providing high-quality and budget-reducing results for preproduction – from storyboarding and scouting to blocking and shot planning.

Unity workshops

Thu., Aug. 1, room 407

Join us for hands-on workshops that will cover:

VFX Graph: Create film-like effects such as fire, smoke or sci-fi holograms.

Shader Graph: Learn the workflow for creating and maintaining custom HLSL. Write a custom lighting shader for a stylized look.

Terrain: Streamline your environment workflow and design ever-more gorgeous landscapes.

Session schedule

Sessions will take place in the Unity Session room #407.

Tuesday, July 30

09:30 Getting Started with Unity’s New Lightweight Render Pipeline
With Unity 2019.1, LWRP is out of Preview and ready for production with improvements in performance, workflow, and extensibility over the built-in pipeline. This session teaches you the benefits of using LWRP, how to set up your project for it, and how to extend it for custom rendering effects.

10:30 XR Graphics in Unity: Ensuring the Best AR/VR Experiences
Virtual and augmented reality are powerful tools for storytelling, but poor execution can negatively impact consumer reactions and engagement. This session guides you through the latest Unity tech and best practices for creating stunning high-end VR and mobile AR visuals.

11:30 Leveraging Ray Tracing Hardware Acceleration in Unity
Dive into Unity’s real-time ray tracing features, starting with the “Reality vs Illusion” demo made with our High-Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP). You’ll learn about the implementation, optimization, and major design details that drive Unity's real-time ray tracing features such as reflections and area shadows.

12:15 Discover the Technology Behind “The Heretic”
Unity’s award-winning Demo team, creators of Adam and Book of the Dead, showcases how Unity can power high-end visuals for game productions. Learn how they use the latest features in the High-Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) and powerful customizations enabled by the Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP).

01:30 Cinemachine 3.0: New Features for Film and Games
This session demos cool new Cinemachine features including Technocrane filmic camera rigs, CM 3.0 DOTS preview (with support for tens of thousands of active cameras), hybrid procedural/keyframe cameras for virtual production, the Mixer camera module, and a preview of the new Reactor module for driving games.

02:15 Synchronize Real-Time Production with Unity + Glassbox
In this session, learn how Glassbox’s BeeHive technology synchronizes projects over multiple machines, letting all users view the history and properties of every DCC asset such as those created in Maya. This enhances real-time collaboration on your VR projects.

03:00 VR Rendering for Human-Eye Resolution with Unity
Rendering virtual reality in human-eye resolution is more complex than for current-generation VR headsets. In this session, you’ll find out what matters most when creating next-gen immersive experiences and what we learned developing content for Varjo’s VR-1, the first VR headset capable of human-eye resolution.

03:45 Generating Synthetic Data at Scale to Train Autonomous Vehicles
Training autonomous vehicles is one of the most challenging tasks in the tech landscape today because real-world data is expensive and difficult to produce at scale. This session shows how you can use Unity to generate synthetic data for AV training.

04:30 Modifying the Unity Experience on Every Device, Everywhere
Want your content to look and behave the same everywhere? Learn how Unity's Remote Config enables optimal performance of real-time content and configurations regardless of the platform, device, industry or region.

05:30 Turning Large CAD Assemblies into Real-Time 3D Visualizations
Discover the potential for working with CAD models in Unity. With PiXYZ, you can quickly import, prep, and optimize large CAD assemblies for real-time high-fidelity visualization. Highlighting Alias and VRED models in Unity workflows, this session shows how these technologies are enhanced when they’re combined correctly.

Wednesday, July 31

09:30 How to Leverage the Power of Immersive Storytelling with Unity
Virtual and augmented reality offer unprecedented potential for powerful storytelling. This session explores how brands are using Unity to design for immersive media campaigns, why they’re increasingly integrated into sales & marketing pipelines, and how you can build a compelling VR or AR experience.

10:30 Unity for Film: Our Roadmap, Technologies, and Case Studies
In this session, discover how Unity is enabling film and animation studios to revolutionize their pipelines with features developed specifically to empower storytellers. We'll cover how you can create linear and interactive content using tools such as Python, Shotgun, Recorder + AOV export, Alembic, and USD.

11:15 Unity at MPC Film: Real-Time Set Dressing with Diorama
Learn how to rapidly create environments for film in real-time using Diorama, which is discussed in both technical and artistic terms. Powered by Unity and part of MPC’s Genesis toolkit, Diorama leverages the speed of procedural tools to accelerate workflows and retain artist control.

12:00 Fur in Unity! Unpacking the Sherman Real-Time Animation Project
This session is a must for anyone interested in episodic content production or animating fur. The demo outlines the end-to-end animation workflow of Sherman, then takes a deep dive into the real-time fur system in Unity.

12:45 Hero Dad Case Study: Creating Episodic TV Shows with Unity
In this session, you'll go behind the scenes with Hero Dad, a 3D CG comedy created in Unity. Nathalie Martinez, founder of Wise Blue Studios, will cover the tools and potential for creating episodic animation in Unity.

01:30 Creating Explosive Real-Time Visuals with the Visual Effect Graph
Interested in creating filmlike effects such as fire, smoke or holograms in Unity? This session shares how to use node-based effects and adaptive features in Unity's Visual Effect Graph to create striking VFX in real-time.

02:15 Learn How to Do Stylized Shading with Shader Graph
In this session, learn how to write a custom lighting shader for a stylized look that can easily be shared across multiple assets. We’ll also demo the workflow for creating and maintaining custom HLSL inside the Unity Shader Graph, and explore new Shader Graph features such as keywords.

02:45 Terrain Tools and the Road Ahead
Creating landscapes for interactive experiences can be difficult, but Unity’s new Terrain tools are designed to streamline that process. This session covers Terrain improvements in Unity 2019, including a demo of the Terrain Tools package and a sneak peek of new features coming in the next update.

03:30 Intro to Animation Rigging for Unity 2019.2
Join this session to learn about Unity's library of rig constraints for controling skeletal animation at runtime. We’ll show you how to set up rigs for animation authoring, with examples from game content and interactive gameplay, as well as a new feature that lets you keyframe rig constraints to create animation clips.

04:00 Extending the Animation Rigging Package with C#
In this session, two Unity animation developers show you how to build custom rig constraints in C#. You'll learn how to easily extend a package to add secondary motions to character rigs at runtime, and also discover how to create authoring constraints to tweak your current animation assets in Unity.

04:30 Unity AI and Machine Learning Tools for Behavior Generation
Discover the potential for generating game-character animations and behaviors using AI and ML. This session walks you through the Unity Behavior Planner, Unity ML-Agents Toolkit, and Unity Inference Engine, three tools that leverage state-of-the-art AI algorithms to help expedite character creation.

05:15 Discover the Technology Behind “The Heretic”
Unity’s award-winning Demo team, creators of Adam and Book of the Dead, showcases how Unity can power high-end visuals for game productions. Learn how they use the latest features in the High-Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) and powerful customizations enabled by the Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP).

Thursday, August 1

09:30 Creating Real-Time VFX with the Visual Effect Graph (Hands-On Workshop)
Interested in creating filmlike effects in Unity such as fire, smoke or sci-fi holograms? Here's your chance to get hands-on with Unity's new Visual Effect Graph so you can start making your own compelling visual effects in real-time.

11:30 Learn How to Do Stylized Shading with Shader Graph (Hands-On Workshop)
Interested in creating filmlike effects in Unity such as fire, smoke or sci-fi holograms? Here's your chance to get hands-on with Unity's new Visual Effect Graph so you can start making your own compelling visual effects in real-time.

01:30 Building Beautiful Worlds with Unity’s New Terrain Features (Hands-On Workshop)
This hands-on workshop guides you through Unity’s new Terrain Tools package, which helps you create compelling landscapes for interactive experiences. During the session, you’ll learn how the latest tools and features will make your workflow faster and easier while you design gorgeous environments.

Get the most out of SIGGRAPH

Advances in Real-Time Rendering in Games

Speaker: Natalya Tatarchuk, VP of Graphics
Part 1: July 29, 9am–12:15pm; Room 408AB
Part 2: July 29, 2pm–5:15pm; Room 408AB

Modern video games employ a variety of sophisticated algorithms to produce groundbreaking 3D rendering, pushing the visual boundaries and interactive experience of rich environments. This course brings state-of-the-art and production-proven rendering techniques for fast, interactive rendering of complex and engaging virtual worlds. See the course slides from previous years.


Best Practices for Using Game Engines in Traditional Linear Content Production Pipelines

July 29, 10:00am–12:00pm, Room 505

Speakers: David Lassonde and Martin Barrette, Imaginary Spaces

Game engines impact how we structure teams, workflows, assets, and tools. Pipeline leads and CG supervisors are at the forefront of these changes. Come share, learn and define best practices.

Open Problems in Real-Time Rendering

July 30, 2:00pm–5:15pm, Room 408AB

Speaker: Natalya Tatarchuk, VP of Graphics

This year’s course explores open issues in supporting real-time ray tracing in production real-time engines, delving into the open challenges in engine architecture design, material level of detail, light management, and the open research problems in bringing unified physically-based light transport to real-time applications and games.

Advanced Use Cases for Animation Rigging in Unity

July 31, 10:00–11:30am, South Hall K

Speakers: David Hunt, Olivier Dionne, and Simon Bouvier-Zappa

The Animation Rigging package for Unity enables users to setup rigs to procedurally control skeletal animations as a post-process. Attendees of this Studio Workshop will get hands-on experience working with this system in step-by-step tutorials. We will also show how to extend the package functionalities using C#.

Autodesk Exhibitor Session – Unity and Autodesk: Streamlining Workflows for Film/Animation/TV

July 31, 12:45pm–1:30pm, Room 404A

Speakers: Mathieu Muller and TJ Galda

The ever-increasing demand for high-end 3D content in film and TV requires new approaches to production pipelines. See how Unity and Autodesk are improving workflows to support this need. We’ll be joined by customers onstage to showcase examples of this enhanced workflow.

High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP)

High-Fidelity Lighting with Unity’s High-Definition Render Pipeline

August 1, 10:00am–11:30am, South Hall K

Speaker: Laurent Harduin

During this workshop, attendees will be given a Unity high-definition rendering project with a pre-built scene; we will build the lighting for that scene step by step to learn how to author lighting in a high-fidelity scene.

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