Unity Computer Vision

Insufficient training data? Hard-to-mimic edge cases? Accelerate model training with a smart computer vision data generation platform.

A game-changer for computer vision training

Unity Computer Vision solutions help you overcome the barriers of real-world data generation by creating labeled synthetic data at scale. This data can be used to train computer vision models for object detection, image segmentation, and classification across retail, manufacturing, security, agriculture and healthcare.

Use cases


Grab and go: Detect shelf or cart items

Inventory: Audit shelves and ensure safety

Visual search: Deploy smart camera image recognition

Find threats: Identify abnormal store activity


Crowd analysis: Track crowd movement and changes in pattern

Hazard monitoring: Detect intrusions or public safety threats 


Inventory management: Monitor warehouse inventory levels

Defect reduction: Identify abnormalities and issue alerts

Sorting: Reduce assembly line categorization issues


Plant health detection: Determine harvest time and analyze crop yield 

Livestock management: Count, recognize and monitor livestock

Forestry: Monitor tree health and fire hazards


Robotics Warehouse

Key benefits

  • Auto-labeled: No human annotation required 
  • Private: Compliant with privacy standards
  • Safe: Recreate edge-case scenarios
  • Iterative: Generate variations in datasets with simple code changes
  • Variable and scalable: Produce training data that captures real-world complexity
  • Affordable and accessible: Small ML teams can generate massive datasets within budget


Unity Perception Howit Works

Object-model training pipeline with synthetic data

There are three distinct stages in the synthetic data training pipeline: 

  1. Content creation
  2. Synthetic data generation and analytics
  3. Model training
Content creation

There are several ways to create content. You can check out the Asset Store, scan your assets into Unity, or contact our team to help you with asset creation in Unity.

Synthetic data generation

Unity offers tools to generate synthetic datasets for use in perception-based computer vision tasks such as object detection, semantic segmentation, and more. You do not need prior experience with Unity or C# to get started.

Model training

You can either use your existing ML pipeline or implement using our suggested solution, Google AI Platform. 

Generate large-scale synthetic datasets to accelerate computer vision training

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