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6 community videos to get you started with multiplayer in Unity
May 5, 2023|8 Min
6 community videos to get you started with multiplayer in Unity

Are you looking to try your hand at multiplayer game development in Unity? For the past year, we’ve been launching new products and features to flesh out our Multiplayer suite of tools to support the creation of multiplayer games spanning all genres and platforms – from dedicated hosting to friends list management to in-game voice chat.

However, connecting all the dots into a tech stack that you can use to build the multiplayer game of your dreams can be confusing. That’s why we’re showcasing six recent YouTube video tutorials from community content creators that cover Unity's multiplayer tools. From Code Monkey’s in-depth tutorials to Dapper Dino’s expert insights, each video provides a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for game developers.

Let’s dive in.

1. Samyam on Netcode for GameObjects

Samyam is a YouTube creator who focuses on game development tutorials for indies. In this video from March 18, Samyam introduces you to Netcode for GameObjects (NGO), one of Unity’s proprietary networking libraries, and shows how to leverage the package alongside Unity Transport to build a simple multiplayer game.

Samyam’s video includes a helpful overview of high-level multiplayer terminology before diving into the tech, so this is a great place to get started.

Check out the video to see:

  • An introduction to high-level multiplayer terminology
  • Hands-on work with NGO 1.2.0 and Unity Transport
  • A simple game setup to integrate with hosting and matchmaking services
2. Code Monkey’s guide to running game servers like a pro

Code Monkey is a professional indie game developer who creates YouTube content about Unity and C# gamedev.

In this recent video, Code Monkey covers how to run dedicated game servers with Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) from Unity Gaming Services (UGS). He walks through:

  • An introduction to Game Server Hosting
  • Making a dedicated server build of your game
  • Uploading your server to the cloud on the Unity Dashboard
  • Getting your game servers online for players
3. Dapper Dino covers matchmaking for multiplayer

Unity’s Matchmaker is a smart, rule-based matchmaking system that plugs easily into the Unity game engine. Dapper Dino walks you through how to integrate Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) and Matchmaker into any game powered by Netcode for GameObjects, using one of his existing projects (which you can access here) to show how to host your game and provide matchmaking for players.

Check out Dapper Dino’s full video to learn how to:

  • Access the Unity dashboard
  • Set up your servers
  • Set up Matchmaker
  • Test the services
4. Code Monkey shares steps for easy, rule-based matchmaking

In this follow up to his first video in our roundup, Code Monkey covers how to add matchmaking to multiplayer games and define rules with as much or as little complexity as you want. He addresses how Matchmaker is integrated with Game Server Hosting to get your game online, as well as how to sort players into matches.

A major benefit of this tutorial is Code Monkey’s explanation of the different rule sets you can explore within Matchmaker to set up skill-based, geography-based, or platform-based matchmaking (or other combinations) to optimize your player experience.

Code Monkey has even made the project files available for viewers. Explore how it all works together to build a live multiplayer game by pressing play below.

5. Tarodev’s guide to online multiplayer

Tarodev, another popular YouTuber who makes game dev tutorials, walks viewers through getting started with NGO in this video. In the video you’ll learn:

  • How to get started with Netcode
  • The difference between server and client authority (and when to use each)
  • How to write performant network code
  • How to use NetworkVariable and INetworkSerializable
  • About cheap multiplayer interpolation
  • What ServerRPC and ClientRPC are
  • Tricks to make your multiplayer game feel great
6. A Code Monkey course on learning multiplayer

If you’re looking for an end-to-end video guide to multiplayer development in Unity, this is the tutorial for you. In this six-hour YouTube course, Code Monkey walks through the full experience of building a small multiplayer game in Unity – from networked gameplay to integrating live services.

The video builds on Code Monkey’s previous course on making a singleplayer game in Unity and converting that tutorial project into an online-ready multiplayer experience. The video covers:

  • Setting up Netcode for GameObjects
  • Networking your gameplay
  • Handling player joins and disconnects
  • Integrating Lobby
  • Hosting with Relay
  • Exploring Game Server Hosting (Multiplay), Matchmaker, and Voice and Text Chat (Vivox)
  • Multiplayer debugging

What else do you want to see tutorials on in the future? Let us know in the Unity multiplayer forums or on our multiplayer Discord. Happy creating!