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Collaborate features makes it easy for teams to save, share, and sync their Unity projects with others, regardless of location. It’s cloud enabled and built directly into Unity.

Collaborate is now part of Unity Teams.

Creating with a bigger team and looking for more features to help you work together efficiently? Plastic is Unity's VCS built for huge files, with market-leading branching and merging capabilities. Try for free

Introducing the Unity Accelerator

The Unity Accelerator is a local network proxy and cache service that speeds up iteration times for two major scenarios – source code download through Collaborate and asset pipeline importing – so you and your team can focus on creating.

The Unity Accelerator is a standalone tool that is now available for download on OSX, Windows and Linux.

Designed for your team

Unity Teams features are the only of its kind designed and built for game development teams. Simple to learn and use, so team members can easily create together, regardless of experience level and discipline.

Case Study - Reducing Friction for Antigraviator

Mike Coeck, Cybernetic Walrus, Antigraviator

“With Collaborate for Unity Teams, we were able to setup and backup our project fast; we haven't looked back since.”

Mike Coeck, Cybernetic Walrus, Antigraviator
Adam Kane, ForgeFX

“Collaborate is the team-focused solution we've been hoping for. It cuts new member training time in half.”

Adam Kane, ForgeFX
Andy Cochrane, Mirada

“Collaborate revolutionized how my team works with Unity. Artists who struggled with traditional source control caught on in minutes.”

Andy Cochrane, Mirada

Use Collaborate today

Included with Unity Teams.

Unity Teams Basic

For small teams to get started. Add up to 3 team members and get 1GB of cloud storage.

Unity Teams Advanced
Starting at $9 per month

Perfect for growing teams and projects. Get 25GB of storage, Cloud Build, and the ability to add more team seats.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to use Collaborate?

Unity 5.5+, a Unity ID, and a fast, reliable internet connection commensurate with the size of your project.

Can I use an existing project to use with Collaborate?

Yes; existing projects can enable Collaborative features in the Unity Editor (5.5+ or later).

What if I have a bigger team and need more features?

Plastic is Unity’s full-featured Version Control System (VCS), offering market-leading branching and merging options. It’s built for huge files and offers flexible choices between distributed or centralized collaboration.

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