Unity Operate Policy Center

Unity Operate Policy Center

These Unity policies help protect our Operate Solutions product suite, and provide you guidance on what is and isn’t allowed so that your advertisements and applications can be safely enjoyed by your users. Please review the policies linked below, and the Operate Terms of Service which incorporates these policies, to help ensure your successful use of Unity’s products and services.

Prohibited and Restricted Content

Before running any advertising campaigns or monetizing your application, ensure that they comply with this content policy in order to maintain a safe and positive user experience across the Unity network.

Advertising Placements

Ad placements should be implemented in a way that doesn’t misrepresent the nature of the advertisements, encourage accidental clicks, or otherwise interfere with your application’s content and functionality.

Rewarded Ad Inventory

Subject to the limitations set forth in this policy, publishers can incentivize ad views in their applications by offering their users certain in-app rewards.

Invalid Activity

Publishers may not use artificial, fraudulent, deceptive or other means to simulate, manipulate or increase impressions, views, taps, clicks, downloads, installs or other user actions.

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