Rewarded Ad Inventory Policy

Last updated: June 23, 2021

Publishers must comply with all of the following:

  • Publishers of Applications may offer their End-Users the opportunity to view Ads in exchange for in-app virtual rewards such as game tokens, virtual currency, gems, and other in-app items (each, a “Reward Offer”), provided that publishers may not:
    • encourage or incentivize End-Users to interact with the Ad itself in such a way as to generate taps, clicks, downloads, installs, or other End-User actions;
    • encourage or incentivize End-Users to view an Ad or take any action in connection with an Ad using:
      • any offers of real-world rewards such as cash, prizes, incentives, gift cards, goods, services, vouchers or anything of value; or
      • language that any Ad engagement will help the publisher or any other party directly (e.g., “support us” or similar language).
  • Publishers making Rewarded Offers must clearly disclose the reward and the required action for each applicable reward (e.g., “View this Ad to receive 10 gems”).
  • The Rewarded Offer may only be fulfilled after an End-User affirmatively opts in (on a per Rewarded Offer basis) and completes the required task for the relevant Rewarded Offer.
  • All rewards must be immediately redeemable from within the Application in which the Rewarded Offer was made.
  • Chance-based or randomized rewards from Rewarded Offers are permissible so long as the publisher conspicuously discloses the probabilities of the different rewards to the End-User prior to opt-in.
  • Publishers may not offer a Reward Offer that cannot actually be redeemed or otherwise fail to deliver the promised Rewarded Offer upon completion of the required task.
  • Publishers, and not Unity, are solely responsible for all Reward Offers and must fulfill the terms of each Reward Offer with each End-User.