Unity for Humanity Summit 2021

October 12, 2021
9:00 am EDT

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Imagining a better world

Dare to dream and innovate for social change. The Unity for Humanity Summit presents a call to action to imagine, design, and create a healthier and more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable world for all using RT3D technology.

Join us to connect, learn, and get inspired. This fully virtual, one-day summit celebrates creators around the world who are using real-time 3D (RT3D) to make a positive impact on society and the planet. Registration is free and open to all.

Our keynote speaker

Join us for a fireside chat between Grammy- and Academy Award-winning artist Common and Dr. David Washington, Chief Impact Officer at HiDef, where they discuss the partnership of Unity and Common’s Art In Motion (AIM) Creative Arts School, their parallel beliefs that the world is a better place with more creators in it, and a new Common track, “Imagine.”



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Please note the schedule is subject to change.

Main Stage

Main stage

9:00 am EDT
Welcome and kickoff

Carol Trang & Thomas Winkley

10:40 am EDT
Social impact creator journeys

Listen in as creators share the stories behind their projects.

11:00 am EDT  Unity Social impact

Unity’s VP of Social Impact shares highlights of the past year and what’s to come.
Jessica Lindl

11:10 am EDT
Fireside chat with Common and Dr. David Washington

Attend this inspiring keynote on the power of creativity and education for change, featuring award-winning artist Common and Dr. David Washington, Chief Impact Officer at HiDef.
Dr. David Washington, Common, Jessica Lindl

11:55 am EDT
Conversations with creators

Attend a 30-minute deep-dive Q&A session with selected speakers.

12:55 pm EDT
Unity for Humanity Grant

Find out what you need to know before applying.
Paisley Smith

2:30 pm EDT
Social impact creator journeys

Listen in as creators share the stories behind their projects.

3:00 pm EDT
Imagining a better world through the power of the metaverse

Join this panel of thought leaders on how real-time 3D is ushering in an era of limitless creative and economic opportunities for creators and educators.
John Riccitiello, Cathy Hackl, Robert Tercek

4:30 pm EDT
Conversations with creators

Attend a 30-minute deep-dive Q&A session with selected speakers.

5:00 pm EDT
Reaching for the stars: The ultimate in remote medical care 

Consider what’s possible when we leverage innovative technologies for healthcare equity.
Dr. Shawna Pandya

5:30 PM EDT
Closing Remarks

Carol Trang & Thomas Winkley

Education and Inclusive Economic Opportunity

Education and Inclusive Economic Opportunity

9:10 am EDT 
Reducing barriers to healthcare training with real-time 3D

Learn how to advance teaching and learning to upskill students and practitioners.
Philip Poronnik, Martin Brown, Dr. Muhsinah Morris, Sam Glassenberg, Leslie Hernandez (Moderator) 

9:40 am EDT
Models for creating economic inclusivity

Take in an engaging panel discussion on global initiatives promoting inclusive job opportunities.
Mona Mourshed, Hamza Rouissi, Greg Horowitt, James Turnage-Lannan (Moderator) 

1:00 pm EDT 
Powering an equitable workforce with immersive learning

Join two innovative edtech founders leveraging real-time 3D to transform workforce upskilling and learning.
Heather Shen, Sarah Krasley, Rachel Pohl (Moderator)

1:30 pm EDT
Transforming communities with RT3D programs

See how education institutions are using real-time 3D to drive positive social impact
Michael McCready, Dr. Soga, Steve Grubbs, Leslie Hernandez (Moderator)

2:00 pm EDT
Peer-to-peer learning: How students teach students

Join Arizona State University students as they discuss peer-to-peer learning models and showcase their projects.
Brayden Jenkins, Aira Daniella San Agustin, Sarah Hills, Rachel Pohl (Moderator)

3:30 pm EDT
Partnerships for impact: Tech and education

Explore what peer companies are doing to support schools and education innovation.
Monica Ares, Yennie Solheim, Melissa Oldrin (Moderator)

Digital Health and Wellbeing

Digital Health and Wellbeing

9:10 am EDT
No prescription required: Democratizing mental healthcare

Learn how creators are driving personalized, equitable access to mental healthcare with real-time 3D.
Sarah Hill, Rosemary Lokhorst, Gabriel Torres, Melissa Painter (Moderator)

9:40 am EDT
Enabling empathy at scale (to get a shot at saving humanity)

Discover how empathic interactions are key to realizing a sustainable future.
Dr. Nico Perony

10:10 am EDT
Funding healthcare innovation

Explore funding options for getting your digital healthcare startup off the ground.
Ebony Brown, Steven Collens (Moderator)

1:00 pm EDT
RT3D: The bridge to healthcare innovation 

Examine how real-time 3D is driving equitable access to quality care amidst the global pandemic.
Adam Gazzeley, Professor Albert "Skip" Rizzo, Carrie Shaw, Michael Bidu (Moderator) 

2:00 pm EDT
Hospitals of the future

Examine real-time 3D’s role in advancing healthcare, training, and wellbeing.
Melanie Lowther, John McGhee, Dr. Mike Wesolowski, Nick Facey (Moderator)

3:30 pm EDT
AI for social good: Fast-tracking COVID-19 and malaria testing with synthetic data

Gain insight into AI’s role in confronting challenges and driving positive social impact.
Less P. Wright Jr.

Environment and Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability

9:10 am EDT
Level up! Creating a more sustainable gaming universe

Hear leaders discuss the future of green gaming content, operations, and partnerships
Jude Ower, Paula Escuadra, Trista Patterson, Marina Psaros (Moderator) 

9:40 am EDT
What’s next for immersive conservation storytelling

Explore how extended reality (XR) is building awareness, connection, and positive impact.
Amy Zimmerman, Kat Cizek, El Lim, Lena Thiele, Kat Cizek (Moderator) 

10:10 am EDT
Building a more sustainable fashion future

Learn how digitization and circularity in fashion improve social and environmental outcomes.
Lorenzo Albrighi

1:00 pm EDT
UFH Environment Grant winners conversation

Hear grant recipients discuss their innovative projects, processes, and impact goals.
Marina Psaros, Elizabeth Bagley (Moderator) 

1:30 pm EDT
Visualizing Earth’s futures

Learn how storytelling and games spark engagement with complex data and science.
Juliano Calil, Stephanie Haysmith, Alan Gershenfeld, Marina Psaros (Moderator) 

2:00 pm EDT
Digital twins for sustainability

Discover how digital twins improve the understanding and communication of energy and environmental data.
Sean Jones, Murray Walker, Erika Peace (Moderator) 

3:30 pm EDT
Driving leadership in sustainability and immersive technologies

Find out how innovative organizations are breaking new ground in sustainability with real-time 3D.
Jasper Smith, Marco Marchesi, Melis Buyuksoy (Moderator)

Tools for Changemakers

Tools for Changemakers

9:10 am EDT
User Acquisition for Your Social Impact Mobile Game

Gain insights and strategies for maximizing revenue while retaining players long term.
Stephen Bowes

9:40 am EDT
Changing the world with augmented reality (AR)

AR is transforming the way we interact with content – learn how it can make a world of difference.
Antonia Forster

10:10 am EDT
Convince the world that your project is incredible

Learn how to elevate your work, charm your audience, and realize your vision.
Antoine Cayrol

1:00 pm EDT
You can do it! Create your first game with Unity

Bring your story, vision, and creativity to this introductory game design session.
Adam Smith

1:30 pm EDT
More game, less code: An intro to Unity Visual Scripting

Find out how to create game interactions, tools, and more without having to write traditional code.
Ashley Alicea

2:00 pm EDT
GPS: How to create with purpose

Be inspired by what’s possible when you tap into your Gifts, Passions, and Service (GPS).
Bobby Jones

3:30 pm EDT
Unity Essentials workshop

Learn how to create your first real-time 3D experience with Unity.
Krystel Theuvenin, Joy Horvath (Moderator)

Prior to the session, please download Unity 2020.3 (LTS) by clicking here.
You can find instructions here.


Our resources page includes more information about the projects and creators from our sessions and our Conversations with Creators.

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Join your peers and Unity leaders in the Unity for Humanity Summit community spaces, and take part in lively conversations in the creator lounges.

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Hear from innovators, experts, and changemakers in interactive panels, lightning talks, workshops, and in the keynote about how creativity and innovation can make a difference.


Meet social impact creators and connect with activists, nonprofit organizations, philanthropists, and the Unity community to collaborate on for-good projects, and make new friends in networking channels.


Join creators from around the world to celebrate social impact innovations and see how others are helping build a better tomorrow using Unity. You’ll be inspired by visionary speakers and creators who are channeling their passions into real-world change.

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The Unity for Humanity Summit is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for your company or organization
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Frequently asked questions

Where is the event being held?

The event is being held entirely online.

What time zone are the sessions shown in?

All our programming is scheduled in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). When you are logged into the event, the platform will show session times in your local time as well (if you are not in the EDT time zone).

Will the sessions be available on demand if I miss one or more?

Yes, all the sessions will be available on the event platform once the event ends on October 12. You need to be registered for the event to access the on-demand content. The content will be accessible on the platform until November 11, 2021.

I didn’t receive my login details? How can I join the event?

We will email your unique login details on Monday, October 11, and again right before the start of the event. Look out for an email from Unity for Humanity.

Who should attend this event?

Everyone! The Unity for Humanity Summit connects creators to Unity’s ecosystem to celebrate and inspire impact-driven content. Join creators, activists, nonprofits, and philanthropists from around the world to see and experience how changemakers are using Unity for social impact.

What is Unity Social Impact?

At Unity, we believe the world is a better place with more creators in it. This philosophy is based on serving creators and is the beating heart of our company. It motivates each and every one of us to serve the global creator community – to help solve the toughest engineering, data, and operational issues so that digital creators can build and operate RT3D experiences. 

Learn more at: https://unity.com/social-impact

Who should I contact if I have technical issues?

Our compatibility checker can help prevent issues with joining the event. The event platform works best in Google Chrome. For issues with the platform, contact technical support in the ‘Help’ section. For help logging in, contact ufhsummit-info@unity3d.com. You must be registered to be able to watch the sessions live or on-demand after the event.

How do I connect with other attendees?

When you log in to the platform, you’ll be able to update your profile, add a photo if you wish, and search for attendees to meet in the ‘People’ section. You can chat over text and/or make 1:1 video calls. We will also have a networking lounge in stages 1 – 4 where you can chat with fellow attendees.

Can I register for a session and add it to my calendar?

Registration is only required for the Summit overall; you do not need to register for individual sessions. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to add a session to your calendar, but you can see the agenda for each stage when you enter the stage in the top-right corner of the event platform (next to your profile photo).

How do I move between tracks?

The event will start on the main stage. Then, you’ll have four different content tracks to choose from. To move between stages, click on the ‘hamburger’ menu in the top-left corner to show the list of stages, then click on the one you wish to join. You can move between stages as you wish. The Conversations with Creators will take place in the main stage lounge at the indicated times.

What language will the sessions be delivered in, and will there be captions?

The content for all the sessions will be delivered in English and have English captions.

Additional resources

We have created a Resources page with supporting information about the Summit’s content and sessions. Have a look for more details about our creator journeys and Conversations with Creators. 

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This is being operated in compliance with current state and federal mandates regarding COVID-19.

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