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Elevate your project with a Unity Success Plan

Unity Success Plans give you the help you need to push your creative boundaries by minimizing the technical and strategic obstacles that stand in your way.

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A Success Plan for your unique project needs

From straightforward technical support to strategic guidance and in-depth engineering reviews, there is a Unity Success Plan available to fit your unique project. Read below to find out which plan will best help you reach your goals.

Get the support you need to succeed

Remove roadblocks, streamline development, and reach your goals faster than ever with the support of Unity Success Plans.

Conquer technical roadblocks

Nothing can derail development quite like spending hours troubleshooting. Keep your project moving forward when issues arise with prioritized access to our technical support team.

Create confidently with guided support

Are your projects being built as they should be? Get your information straight from the source and ensure your projects are optimized by working with our strategic Unity advisors.

Master your skills with Unity

With the ever changing nature of the industry, it can be difficult to maintain your skills. Stay up-to-date by accessing exclusive technical content, learning materials, and Unity product news.

For small teams

Unity Pro Support

Unity Pro Support is a technical support package for smaller creators, giving you access to our ticketing system, exclusive on-demand learning materials and Fireside Chats. This plan gives you the boost needed to overcome technical blockers and get your project off the ground.

Unity Pro Support

Essential Success

For businesses

Essential Success

Enabling your organization to tackle issues head on, our Essential Success plan gives you proactive guidance from our trusted advisors as well as premium technical support. This plan gives you the support needed to launch your projects with minimal setbacks.

For enterprises

Integrated Success

As true partners in your success, our Integrated Success plan provides you with a dedicated advisor, premium technical support with prioritized bug handling, an annual Project Review carried out by a Unity engineer and much more. This plan gives your team the strategic support required for complex projects.

Integrated Success

Enhanced technical support and expert guidance

Depending on the success plan you choose, get access to many valuable benefits.

Technical support tickets

Submit your issues to our ticketing systems to be looked at by a team of experts who know Unity inside and out. Our technical support engineers will help uncover any problems and provide you with the guidance needed to move forward.

Rapid response times

Reduce time waiting around with quicker response times. Based on ticket severity and your Success Plan, your team knows exactly when they can expect an initial answer to any submitted issues.

Fireside chats

Join regularly scheduled fireside chats with Unity experts, covering a range of topics, including new Unity features, optimization tips, and best practices and advice.

Trusted advisors

Gain peace of mind by reviewing your projects with your dedicated Unity advisor. By taking the time to get to know your unique needs, our experts provide customized strategic guidance and escalate important issues within our support team.

Technical Project Reviews

Avoid issues and accelerate development during a two-week project review. Our senior engineers will identify potential issues and provide a detailed report on where performance can be improved for greater speed, stability, and efficiency.

Prioritized bug handling

Have bugs you find moved to the top of our queue so they get fixed with minimal wait time. Once a bug is resolved, our team will backport it to the version of Unity your team is currently using.

Compare our Success Plans

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Jay Allan Jethwa, Associate Technical Director, East Side Games

“Integrated Success literally lets our engineers sleep better. We know that Unity has our back if anything critical should come up.”

Jay Allan Jethwa, Associate Technical Director, East Side Games
Daniel Doubleday, Head of Frontend Engineering, Wooga

“Unity Integrated Success has gone the extra mile to help us fix live issues again and again. It’s an enormously valuable partnership.”

Daniel Doubleday, Head of Frontend Engineering, Wooga

Get on the path to success

Ready to get started with Success Plans? Unsure which plan is right for you? We’re here to help.

Frequently asked questions

What languages are Success Plans offered in?

Technical support and our ticketing system is only available in English.

For dedicated advisors, we make our best effort to accommodate your preferred language however we can only guarantee English support.

In what regions are Success Plans available?

Success Plans are available globally.

How long is the subscription term for Success Plans?

Success Plans are purchased on a yearly subscription that is paid either up-front or on a  monthly basis.

Can we get additional concurrent tickets?

Yes, Success Plans offer a number of add-ons, such as additional concurrent tickets, faster response times, and more that can be purchased for an additional price.

Do I need an Enterprise license to get access to Integrated Success?

No, you do not need an Enterprise license to purchase Integrated Success. However, Enterprise license customers can purchase a version of Integrated Success at a discount.

What is the difference between Technical Support and Premium Technical Support?

Premium Technical Support offers more personalized advice based on your specific use cases. It also includes full project consumption and review to identify and help with problems and bugs, while also helping you find workarounds for any other issues. Additionally, Premium Technical Support allows for multiple concurrent tickets to be submitted and reviewed, and offers faster ticket response times.

As a Pro Support customer, can I upgrade our support to Tier 3?

No, this is currently not an option. However, if you find that you’re in need of Tier 3 technical support, we recommend purchasing an Enterprise plan, or one of our premium technical support packages intended for organizations, such as Essential Success.

Can I switch plans?

Generally, plans cannot be changed mid-term, but can be upgraded upon renewal. However, Unity strives to put our customers first, and will occasionally make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Should you wish to upgrade your plan, consult your Unity sales representative.

Can I cancel our Support Plan at any time?

No, Support Plans are purchased on a yearly subscription and cannot be cancelled mid-year. At the end of the year, you can choose whether to renew for another year.

Integrated Success is too expensive for my team, but Essential Success doesn’t offer everything we’re looking for. Is it possible to purchase support features separately?

Yes, as an existing Success Plan customer, support add-ons can be purchased for an additional price. Unity is constantly re-evaluating new support products based on customer needs and feedback.

I’m a publisher, how would Success Plans work for me?

We have a flexible Publisher Success plan where you can allocate resources at the right level of support to each studio. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

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