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May 2020 Security Update Advisory (CVE-2020-12630, CVE-2020-12631)

Vulnerability Details

CVE ID: CVE-2020-12630, CVE-2020-12631

Type: Denial of Service

Discovered: 2020/01/31

Discovered By: Jack Baker

Patch Availability: 2020/05/19

Affected Operating System: All supported platforms

Affected Versions: All

Severity: High

Patch Versions:

Two out-of-bounds memory issues were identified in the Unity Multiplayer and Networking UNET feature affecting games and applications built with the Unity Editor using UNET. These issues could lead to Denial Of Service (DoS), allowing an attacker to crash the Unity process, and potentially the game or application.

Remediation Steps

Determine the version of your Unity Editor

Open a Unity project.

The Unity version is visible in the main window title.

Unity Version in Window 2

Install Update

If your version of the Unity Editor is not one of the listed Patch Versions of the Vulnerability Details section above you can continue with the update installation as follows.

To install the update you can use the Unity Editor update checker available in the File menu Help -> Check for Updates.

Unity Check for Updates

Additionally, you can download and install the corresponding patch for your version of the Unity Editor. The download links are available in the Patch Versions of the Vulnerability Details section and in the References section.

Build and deploy

Once you have updated the Unity Editor, you can move forward with making a new build of your game or application and deploy the new fixed version.


What type of vulnerabilities were addressed in this update?


Do these vulnerabilities affect built games/applications in any way?


What Unity features are affected?


Will I need to rebuild asset bundles due to the update requirement?


What platforms are affected?


What platform versions are affected?


What versions of Unity are affected?


What versions of the Unity Editor are being patched?


Will my specific version be patched?


What about versions 5.6 and older?


I have a locked-down older version of Unity 5.x.x. Will you produce a patch for the exact version of Unity that I’m using?


How do I know if I’ll need to rebuild my asset bundles?