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Socialpoint drastically increases ARPDAU with ironSource 4x offerwall promotion
Oct 3, 2019

Socialpoint is a mobile gaming company based in Barcelona that develops action, social and strategy games.

Their portfolio of mega-hits include Dragon City, Monster Legends, Tasty Town and World Chef.

The challenge

In the past, the monetization team at Socialpoint had two offerwalls integrated into their game Dragon City - one powered by ironSource and the other powered by another monetization company. The monetization team would often collaborate with the live ops team to run double credit promotions, in which offerwall rewards were multiplied 2x for an hour.

However, Socialpoint noticed that user engagement was quite low, and in some cases the experience was confusing for users. For that reason, Socialpoint was looking for a way to increase revenue and engagement on the offerwall and simplify the user experience.

The solution

First, Socialpoint removed one offerwall, as a way to reduce player confusion, leaving only ironSource in place.

Next, Socialpoint decided to run a disruptive test with ironSource to increase engagement, launching a special promotion event with a 4x multiplier rather than the typical 2x.

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