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Professional Services gives you access to Unity experts at any stage of production, so you can fully leverage proven best practices from start to finish. Solutions are tailored to your organization to help you reduce risk and accelerate development.

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Dann Webster, Engineering Lead, Riot Games, Legends of Runeterra

“From the beginning, we wanted Legends of Runeterra to be available on both PC and mobile, so Unity was the obvious choice. We relied heavily on Unity’s Professional Services team for ongoing support and performance advice; they’ve been absolutely integral to the ongoing development of our game.”

Dann Webster, Engineering Lead, Riot Games, Legends of Runeterra
Taylor Scott, Founder and CTO, IKIN

“With the help of Unity’s Professional Services, our SDK empowers creators, developers, and designers to stretch the limits of visual technology by bringing to market new experiences never before thought possible.”

Taylor Scott, Founder and CTO, IKIN
Barry Besecker, Cofounder and CTO, Marxent

“Unity’s Professional Services engineer not only had the skills and knowledge we needed, but he was also an expert communicator, making the entire process a huge success. Sometimes you’ve got to know certain things about the manufacture of the system to be able to diagnose problems at a really deep level. Unity’s got some serious nested statements in there and some of the stack traces are no joke! Having that kind of expertise and insight was really important for us.”

Barry Besecker, Cofounder and CTO, Marxent
Mathieu Girard, CEO, Amplitude Studios

“Working on titles such as Endless Space and Endless Legend, we often step into unknown territory … [Unity’s] service has brought us invaluable knowledge and insight, which we could not have fathomed otherwise."

Mathieu Girard, CEO, Amplitude Studios


Unity Professional Services conducts an in-depth analysis of your project’s code and assets to identify areas for optimization. We’ll deliver a report with actionable recommendations based on Unity best practices to help you maximize efficiency and performance.

Code, Assets, Performance (CAP)

Three-day analysis of code and assets to uncover root causes of performance issues and then provide an actionable report with best practice recommendations. Optimize code and assets so that you maximize efficiency and see measurable performance improvements.

Technical Architecture Consulting (TAC)

Three-day deep dive for customers who want clear next steps and recommendations for how best to set up their project architecture. Tackle architecture challenges early to avoid expensive refactoring and additional iteration cycles later in production.

Pipeline Review

After a two-day review of your animation or film project and organization, we’ll create a tailored step-by-step plan for incorporating Unity into your pipeline following best practices, including a roadmap, code samples and recommendations to optimize pipeline efficiency.

Technical Art Review

A Unity Technical Artist spends two days reviewing your project and pipeline and then delivers a comprehensive report with recommendations and best practice guidance. Ramp to full production by ensuring workflows are heavily automated, efficient, and optimized for scale.

Game audit

In this two- to six-week engagement, expert game designers and analysts examine your gameplay and mechanics. Using Unity proprietary game data to benchmark your game, we make recommendations to improve key aspects of retention, monetization, and player experience.


These highly customized day-long sessions use industry trends and data-backed best practices to educate and advise your teams on topics critical to your business. Previous classes include trying new monetization models, entering new markets or platforms, and improving retention.


Accelerators are short-term engagements designed to speed up implementation and development. Unity engineers collaborate with you on your project while sharing knowledge and proven best practices with your entire team.

Reflect Accelerator

Four-day sprint with hands-on guidance from a Unity engineer to build custom applications on top of Unity Reflect using the Unity Editor. 

Optimization Accelerator

Four-day sprint with hands-on guidance from a Unity engineer to analyze project performance problems, test solutions, and implement improvements.

DOTS Accelerator

Unity’s DOTS Accelerator is a four-day sprint designed to help your team start building scalable, high-performance projects with the data-oriented technology stack (DOTS).


Unity Development helps guarantee that you have the right expertise and capacity for your project. Whether you’re struggling to finish or building something completely new, our team members draw from Unity and industry expertise to ensure a solution that meets your needs.  

Custom Development

Scale your team when needed to achieve your goals. We work with you to build an implementation plan and deploy the appropriate expertise to hit development milestones and deliver your project on time.

Dedicated Expert Advisor

Add technical leadership to your development team. This specialist works alongside your team to provide technical architecture and guidance in best practices, as well as helping you to resolve difficult development challenges.

Teams we have helped

Case Study: Faster WebGL load times and time to market

How Marxent teamed with Unity Professional Services to optimize application performance.

Case Study: Unity helps indie win the performance game

Putting Professional Services on the roster enables Canuck Play to meet key production and performance milestones.

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