Unity Safe Voice

Get the insights you need to tackle harmful behaviors in your game’s community with AI-powered toxicity detection from Safe Voice.

Reduce toxicity, reduce churn

Safe Voice leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to detect in-game toxicity at scale and equip you with the insights you need to build a community that’s safe by design.

Fight the good fight with AI-driven toxicity detection

Detect Toxicity at scale

Detect, analyze, and review toxicity at scale

Safe Voice analyzes unique voice characteristics like tone, volume, pitch, intonation, emotion, and the context of player interactions. It detects audio disruptions and classifies them into more than a dozen categories to automate manual processes so you can take action faster and retain more players.

Your community, your rules

Enable both proactive and player-reported monitoring for a comprehensive view of the disruptive behaviors impacting your game. Build keyword lists to target or deprioritize specific words or phrases, and customize toxicity threshold scores to make sure your coverage is as unique as your community.

Customize your toxicity coverage

Monitor the health of your community

Monitor your community’s health

Safe Voice’s detailed session dashboards give your team a thorough and nuanced understanding of player interactions. The overview dashboard shows trends over time and surfaces the behaviors that are driving the most disruption in your game.

Key features

Toxicity classification

Detect and classify obscenities, threats, insults, identity attacks, and problematic speech.

Audio disruption detection

Screen for loudness and disruptiveness, whether it’s music, noise, or human speech patterns.

Player vulnerability analysis

Assess risk in conversations using vocal traits to predict player characteristics and assess correlation to players’ vulnerability.

Review dashboards

Prioritize the game sessions that need your attention based on your preferences.

Community health dashboards

Gain a nuanced understanding of player interactions with views of trends over time and insights into  disruptive behaviors.

Seamless integration with Vivox and Moderation

Native integration with industry-leading in-game communications Voice Chat (Vivox) and Unity’s new Moderation solution helps you build safer communities.

Customer examples and resources

Introducing Community Solutions to manage toxicity in gaming

Learn more about Unity Community Solutions – a suite of products designed to strengthen player connections, enhance safety, and enrich the social gaming experience.

Hi-Rez tackles toxic behavior at massive scale
Case study

Learn how Hi-Rez monitors in-game voice communications, maximizes moderator efficiency, and makes data-informed decisions to improve player safety.

Tackling toxicity with Safe Voice

Discover the game-changer in combating toxic behavior and creating safer gaming environments with Unity Safe Voice

Improve player experience and retention

A gaming community is nothing without its players. Build a trustworthy brand with Safe Voice.

Frequently asked questions

Does Safe Voice only work with the Unity game engine?

Safe Voice is engine agnostic, which means it can be used with Unity, Unreal and other game engines.

How long does it take to integrate Unity Safe Voice?

Once you’re using Vivox, you can start using Safe Voice within days to access immediate insights so long as trust and safety workflows are in place.

What gaming platforms does Safe Voice work with?

Safe Voice works with major gaming platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation®, PC, Android, iOS, and more.

What personal information will Unity have access to when we share players’ voice recordings with Unity?

Unity will only have access to the personal information that you decide to provide to Unity, such as any pseudonymized identifiers. Unity does not use shared voice recordings to identify or verify a person’s identity, nor do our systems have the capabilities to do this.

How much does Safe Voice cost?

Our client partners will provide you with complete pricing details for Safe Voice. To learn more please fill out this form

Do I need to ask for player consent to record and share conversations with partners?

Yes, consent of players is required to record conversations.

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