Unity Reseller Partner program

Our partners are building the businesses of the future. Amplify the power of creators to disrupt and innovate with real-time 3D.

Unity Reseller Partners

Who is a Unity Reseller Partner?

Our Unity Reseller Partners have the expertise, training, support and services to amplify the adoption of Unity products and Verified Solutions Products. 

As a valued-added reseller, you have a defined customer base and are committed to growing and enhancing the adoption of real-time 3D technology through an active partnership.

Why join the Unity Reseller Program?

You’ll extend the power of the most versatile and widely used real-time 3D platform to help innovators build tomorrow.

Amplify your reach

Unity’s leadership and reach with immersive technology extends across the globe with 100+ resellers and 2.5 billion active users. Consider this your network and leverage it. When we partner together, more is possible.

Gain access to Unity products and resources

Unity’s flexible and compatible nature offers opportunities to deliver solutions across all industries and applications wherever your customers consume content. Let Unity’s technology products and services add value to your expertise.

A commitment to growing together

We mean it when we say we’re in it together. From business planning and marketing support, to knowledge sharing, training and enablement, and joint opportunities, Unity is committed to helping your team reach its business goals.

Want to work with a Unity Reseller Partner?

You’re in good hands. From training to custom solutions, Unity Reseller Partners are equipped to ensure your team’s success using the world’s leading platform for creating and operating interactive, immersive content.

Grow and scale your business with immersive technology

Empower the success of your business with immersive technology. Scalable, innovative solutions for your projects are attainable. Unity Reseller Partners’ specialized knowledge ensure they are equipped to dynamically support you grow your business.

Experts in their field

Unity Reseller Partners are skilled experts in their fields and know how to use immersive technology to create solutions for your needs. As the landscape of immersive technology changes, Unity Reseller Partners keep up to date to serve you better.

Service when and where you need it

Unity Reseller Partners are located all over the world and act as an extension of our team. Get the services and solutions your team needs whenever, however, and wherever you need them. 

Begin your real-time 3D journey with Unity

Find out more about becoming a Unity Reseller Partner.

Frequently asked questions

How do I access the Unity Reseller partner portal?

If you are an existing Unity Reseller Partner, you can sign into the partner portal here. If you do not have an account, get in touch with your company administrator, or contact the Unity Channel Team for assistance.

When will I hear back about my Unity Reseller Partner application?

Please allow approximately 3–5 business days for our team to review your application. If we have any questions, we’ll be in touch.

Which Unity Reseller would be the best fit for me?

Unity Reseller Partners are experts in their fields and cover a wide range of verticals all over the world. If you’re having trouble finding the best Unity Reseller Partner for you, get in touch with us and tell us about your situation; we want to help you find a solution.

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