Optimization Corner

There are many useful ways to optimize your workflows and content in Unity. Most of the know-how on this page comes from our enterprise support engineers. Learn how to optimize your projects for top performance across any platform, and boost team efficiency.


Some of the best optimization tips for Unity UI

You’re sure to find a tip or two (or more) in this treasure trove of know-how on how to improve Unity UI performance, courtesy of lead engineer Ian Dundore from Unity’s Enterprise Support team.


Common mistakes to avoid in Unity

This is a guide that you’ll want to reference throughout your development. Follow these great tips from Unity field engineer Valentin Simonov that will help you set up a smart and efficient development pipeline, and ultimately ship better and more performant games.

10 graphics optimizations for console games

Here are some great console graphics optimization tips, courtesy of Unity’s Rob Thompson. These optimizations were made to an especially difficult scene to ensure smooth 30fps performance.

More for creators

XR graphics optimization tips

This is a great article to read if you are already experienced with programming in Unity and are, or will be, developing XR (VR and/or AR) content. Our XR engineers have tons of tips on optimizing your shaders and how to use the post-processing stack most efficiently.

Tips for shader profiling and optimization

Learn about how to choose between a vertex or fragment shader, great debugging tools in Unity and external, and seven tip key optimizations.

Work optimally with C# data structures and Unity APIs

More awesome know-how from Ian Dundore, a lead engineer on Unity’s Enterprise Support team. Note that a lot of these tips will introduce additional complexity, which results in higher maintenance overhead and the possibility for more bugs. Therefore, profile your code first before applying some of them.

The Unity Blog

Read the blog for all the latest news on what’s new in Unity, what’s coming up, where, and what we’re talking about, and many content creation tips.

Learn Resources

There are myriad ways to learn how to use Unity more efficiently. See our written and video tutorials, live training sessions and documentation.

The Asset Store

Save loads of time and find ready-made, free or affordably-priced assets and production tools in the Asset Store.

Talk with your fellow creators: A new way to connect with the Unity community

Unity Connect discussion channels are dedicated channels for users to find work opportunities, meet collaborators, and discuss game development with other Unity people.

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