Every game is unique

Each game has its own challenges, player base and budget. What works for one game will not necessarily work for the next – that’s why we tailor our services to your exact needs before, during and after launch.

Hosting AAA Multiplayer Experiences

Watch this talk where EA and Multiplay discuss launching AAA games, including details on the launch of Titanfall 2.

Your end-to-end engineering-solutions partner

Live Operations

Collectively, our live operations team has overseen 400+ game launches and migrations. Dedicated individuals with extensive expertise are here to support you day and night – no bots or pagerduty.

The Technical Account Manager (TAM) program
Technical Account Management

Our Technical Account Manager (TAM) program has been designed to give you a premium solution-management experience, providing technical expertise on our whole product offering.

The solutions engineering team is focused on delivering you and your players a premium experience.
Solutions Engineering

Our Solutions Engineering team is focused on delivering you and your players a premium experience. They collect key information and build a detailed understanding of your unique game requirements.

The Multiplay team take pride in caring for your game

The Multiplay team take pride in caring for your game

You create, we operate

We recognize that most creators want to focus on their game and community. Our team takes pride in caring for your game.

  • 20 years of experience
  • Battle-tested by AAA games
  • 400+ titles shipped and supported
  • 50+ global end-to-end gaming specialists

Simplifying back-end operations

Professional services that are deployed as part of our hosting services or in isolation.

Capacity planning

Predicting player demand is impossible. That’s why our team of experts use their experience and technology to solve this problem by working with studios to plan global capacity at launch.

Launch consultancy

With experience shipping hundreds of games, our team of experts can support you throughout the development, testing and launch of your game.

War-room support

We fly key members of our team to join your studio throughout the launch. This gives you peace of mind at a time when coordinated teamwork and real-time infrastructure support are critical.

24x7x365 support and consulting

We provide follow-the-sun support from a global team of gaming specialists that monitors your players and acts proactively to support your game.


You can expect expert collaboration and support – including extensive engine and matchmaker experience – as we integrate your game into our platform.


We deliver significant value optimizing game server usage and server capacity throughout the lifecycle of your game.

Broad engine experience

From integrating and managing 400+ games, we have a wide range of game engine
and matchmaking expertise to offer.


Free proof of concept

Discuss your real-time multiplayer project with our team of solution engineers. Once we understand the unique requirements of your project, we will provide you with a free proof-of-concept deployment. Discover how our focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness will ensure your game’s ongoing success.

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