Analytics & Player Engagement

Optimize your player experience

Run data-driven experiments to get insights about your game so you can make better development decisions and keep your players engaged.

Make data-driven decisions

Get deep insights about your game with intuitive dashboards and visualization tools to help you make the right decisions for your players and business.

Make data-driven decisions

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Intuitive integration

Easily integrate the components you need with your Unity project and other Unity Gaming Services.

Beginner friendly, expert ready

Get started quickly with analytics and engagement tools that are easy to implement and can scale to meet your needs as your expertise grows.


Use cases

Run A/B tests
Analytics | Game Overrides

Design and run tests that range from simple to complex so you can get the insights you need to confidently drive game improvements your players will love.

Improve matchmaking
Analytics | Matchmaker

Use A/B testing with real-time metrics to find the right matchmaking rules and provide the best multiplayer experience.

Build audience segments

Engage with your players in a more meaningful way. Build audience segments to deliver tailored content, dynamic gameplay, and optimized monetization strategies.

Visualize data

View your game and player data with built-in dashboards, or build custom dashboards to get the insight you need.

Send push notifications
Push Notifications | Analytics

Let your players know about important updates in your game by sending them push notifications.

Data privacy and consent

Adhere to data protection laws and ensure player consent to help you keep your player data and business secure.


Unity Analytics

Use prebuilt or custom dashboards populated by real-time data to visualize what’s happening in your game, and to understand performance and player behaviors.

Game Overrides

Create personalized in-game player experiences and manage these experiments in a simple and secure way.

Push Notifications

Send messages to specific players when they aren’t active in your game. Inform them about rewards, in-game events, re-engagement opportunities, and more.

Customer examples and resources

Unity Learn

Take a free Unity Learn course on Analytics. Learn how to connect Analytics to your project, configure and capture events from your game, and review results in the Unity Dashboard.

How Hugecalf rocket-fueled multiplayer development

A talented young team without multiplayer experience utilized UGS Multiplayer and Analytics solutions to deliver a physics-heavy multiplayer title with solid infrastructure.

Glitch Factory improves FTUE

With years of experience using Unity Plus, the Glitch Factory team took a swing on Unity Analytics to analyze, adapt, and improve their first-time user experience (FTUE).

Event tracking simplified

Discover why event tracking is a key element of game analytics and what you need to know about standard and custom events, different parameters, and common scenarios.

Introducing Funnels and SQL Data Explorer

Want to build a better game for your players? Learn how Funnels and SQL Data Explorer enable you to dig deeper into your data and player behavior.

Line Drift improves player retention by 90%

To breathe fresh life into their successful 2012 mobile game, Line Drift utilized Unity Gaming Services to modernize the backend of Let’s Bowl 2.

Optimize your player experience

Explore tools to help you get deep data insights your players, keep them engaged, and create the best gameplay experience.

Frequently asked questions

What is Unity Gaming Services Analytics?

UGS Analytics is a service that gives studios the tools to understand performance and player behaviors through built-in or custom event collection and data visualization. It is based on deltaDNA and replaces the deprecated Legacy Unity Analytics.

Does Analytics work with other Unity Gaming Services?

You can use Analytics on its own with a Unity project, but it becomes more helpful and powerful when paired with other Unity Gaming Services. For example, you can build audience segments to push content selectively, run A/B tests on gameplay with Remote Config and Game Overrides, or improve matchmaking.

What is Game Overrides?

Game Overrides helps developers provide tailored player experiences by exchanging certain game content with other game content. This can be done temporarily for targeted segments, as well as a variety of different reasons like A/B testing, seasonal content, or rewards.

How can I integrate Analytics into my Unity project?

Get started with Analytics by installing the Analytics package in your project, signing up for Unity Gaming Services, linking your Unity Editor project to the Unity Dashboard project, and initializing UGS in your game code. See our documentation for more info.

Can I implement Push Notifications without Unity Analytics?

Unity Analytics is required for Push Notifications, and cannot be implemented without first implementing Unity Analytics. Unity Analytics provides device token collection, targeting, and reporting for Push Notifications.

How much do Push Notifications and Game Overrides cost to use?

Push Notifications is included as part of Unity Analytics. Game Overrides is a free to use service in UGS. You can learn more about Unity Analytics pricing here.

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