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Aportamos transparencia, creatividad y rapidez a la publicación de juegos. Colabore con un equipo muy unido de más de 100 amantes de los juegos que se mueven con rapidez, hablan abiertamente y juegan limpio, con mucha energía y creatividad.
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Transparencia en todas las fases

Know exactly how your game is performing, from testing to global launch, with complete access to metrics, data, and insight. Our “white box approach” centers around transparency and makes sure you stay in the loop at every step of the publishing process.

Maximice el crecimiento del juego con la tecnología líder del sector

Maximizar el crecimiento del juego con la tecnología

Get transparency into your portfolio at each stage of publishing with our powerful technology. It’ll help you understand prototype potential with a unified marketability score, and you’ll get real-time ARPU, LTV, and install data post launch so you can keep scaling. And with the Wisdom SDK, you’ll always have the tools your game needs to succeed.

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Get top industry tips and best practices for scaling your app business – blog posts, webinars, case studies, and more.

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Make sure the whole world gets to enjoy your game. Our 10+ years of experience turning games into businesses means we know how to publish, test, and scale more games, faster – so your games have the best chance to grow at Supersonic speed.

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