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为游戏而生。原生集成到 Unity。我们的分析套件提供有关游戏玩法、变现等方面的关键见解,帮助你为玩家创造出色体验。

This is our legacy version of Analytics. Try our new Analytics solution within our Unity Gaming Services platform today! Check it out
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Core Analytics

Visualize your game data in one place. Get started easily with an Analytics solution that is integrated into the Unity Editor. See all of your data in one place with high-level dashboards and visualizations. Dig into key metrics and data for a deeper analysis via Data Explorer.

Unity 标准事件

Standard & Custom Events

Standard Events work seamlessly with Unity Analytics and implementation with the Analytics Event Tracker is quick. You can also understand your players with curated Custom Events focused on in-game experience such as:

  • User experience  navigation
  • Player progression
  • First-time player experience
  • Player engagement
  • Monetization
Unity Raw Data Export

Raw Data Export


掌控你的游戏数据。我们的 API 可将你的原始数据转化为重要的商业智能工具,包括从数据管线到自定义查询。

避免混乱的集成和耗时的数据收集与存储基础设施设置。Raw data Export 实现了一键点击式集成,可帮助你更快捷、轻松地访问自己的数据。


查看 Analytics 论坛和 Analytics 学习资源。

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