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Learning from a DOTS pro and Unity power user

Meet Lotte from LotteMakesStuff and hear about her path to becoming a Unity developer. Explore Lotte’s custom plugins and the tutorials she shares on her social media channels.

Teaching to inspire curiosity

Jabril Ashe uses his inside scoop into all things Unity to create entertaining videos designed to spark his viewers’ interest in pursuing their own computer science and programming projects.

Moving from “Let’s play” to “Let’s make”

Martin Glaude is the creator behind Quill18 and Quillmakes. His live streams teach aspiring game devs about programming and inspire them to make their first game in Unity.

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Get an insider perspective to inspire your community. With exclusive access to Unity events, conferences and webinars, you’ll hear directly from Unity experts, attend technical sessions and workshops, and preview the latest technology. It’s also a great opportunity to meet with creators, developers, and other industry professionals.

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Hundreds of extraordinary Unity content creators regularly produce tools that help hobbyists and professionals around the world to enhance their Unity skills. As a Unity Insider, you will be part of a select group of leading creators who are forging the way toward an ever more powerful and engaging body of content.

Creating great work, together

Collaborate with Unity to make cool, inspiring content that your audience will love while harnessing the latest tools and preview features. 

Fire and smoke with Unity VFX Graph

Watch Brackeys’s tutorial to learn how to make fire and smoke with Unity VFX Graph.

Soft body physics

Kristin Stock teaches you how to use C# to jellify anything in Unity. 

Player movement with Unity ECS

Join CodeMonkey to discover how to get started with Entity Component System.

Guide gameplay on a path

Watch André from the Mix and Jam YouTube channel to discover how you can recreate Star Fox’s rail movement in your own games using Unity.

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