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Real-time filmmaking is taking the industry by storm, giving everyone from directors to animators unprecedented artistic freedom in half the time of traditional workflows. Read on to learn more about using Unity for short films and episodic TV series.

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Neth Nom, Writer and Director, Sonder

“We wanted to break new ground with our production process. Unity made our editing and production workflow far more efficient. And we created a unique pipeline, optimized for our team of dozens of professional artists and animators based around the globe, from the Bay Area to France to Malaysia.”

Neth Nom, Writer and Director, Sonder
by Soba Productions

This 13-minute short film combines two-dimensional animation with the richness of fully-realized 3D environments and has been accepted to over 20 film festivals worldwide.

ADAM: Episodes 2 and 3
by Oats Studios

These two short films were created by Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium), VFX supervisor Chris Harvey (TRON: Legacy, Zero Dark Thirty), and a group of award-winning designers, artists and engineers. In just five months, the Oats team produced in real-time what would normally take a year using traditional rendering.

Mr. Carton
by Michaël Bolufer and Fabien Daphy

The first cartoon series produced for television to be made in Unity, Mr. Carton uses a unique style of cardboard photography to tell the story of a clumsy driver attempting to reach a mountaintop. The full series, which comprises 13 two-minute episodes, was created by Michaël Bolufer, who was also the co-director, designer, co-scenarist, main lighter, and animator.

Giant Bear
by E→D Films

Centered on a confrontation between the last monster bear and an Inuit hunter, “Giant Bear” is a chilling short that brings an ancient story out of the North. Directed by: Neil Christopher and Daniel Gies, Animation Director: Eric Max Kaplin, Co-produced by: Taqqut Productions and e.d. films.

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