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Harness Ziva’s technology to bring digital humans and creatures to life. Ziva tools power the world’s leading 3D CGI characters for films, television, and games.
We are no longer accepting new purchases of Ziva.
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Unforgettable characters

With sophisticated simulation and deformation, machine learning, and real-time character creation, Ziva helps you create accurate and scalable characters with greater control and speed.

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Hollywood’s leading character-simulation software

Replicate the organic dynamics of any soft tissue with ZivaVFX, the industry-leading simulation solution for lifelike and stylized characters. The top VFX studios and indie creators make best-in-class characters and creatures with Ziva.

Ziva real-time

Cinema-quality characters for games

Ziva Real-Time (ZivaRT) is changing how game studios and creators build characters for unforgettable interactive experiences. ZivaRT uses machine learning to rapidly turn offline assets into RT3D characters that maintain their rich deformations and dynamics in all game engines.

Ziva Face Trainer

Create real-time faces without rigging

Ziva Face Trainer (ZFT) rapidly transforms any 3D face model into a high-performance, real-time face puppet. ZFT uses machine learning and 4D human data to animate any facial mesh in minutes, in Maya or any leading game engine. Achieve rich RT3D dynamics, comprehensive expression controls, and user-driven animation inputs with zero rigging.

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