Unity Industrial Collection

Get everything you need to turn CAD models into stunning real-time 3D experiences. Learn how Unity Industry, the successor to Unity Industrial Collection, is making it even easier.

Unity Industry is now the default solution for industry customers. Learn what this means for the Unity Industrial Collection. Read the FAQ

What is happening to the Unity Industrial Collection (UIC)?

Unity Industry is now the default path for industry customers to access the Unity Editor, and the Unity Industrial Collection will be deprecated. Existing UIC customers have until October 3, 2023 to renew their UIC subscription or purchase additional seats for one extra year at the current price. You can also choose to upgrade to Unity Industry.

What our customers say

Timmy Ghiurau, Innovation Leader, Virtual Experiences, Volvo Cars

“Our use cases of Unity are increasing almost every week. From car design all the way to consumer-facing experiences, we’re using Unity to bridge departments and enable better collaboration.”

Timmy Ghiurau, Innovation Leader, Virtual Experiences, Volvo Cars

Case studies

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Volvo Cars shakes up the auto industry

Volvo Cars accelerates collaboration and innovation across every stage of the automotive lifecycle with Unity.

Mercedes-Benz: The future of HMI experiences

Mercedes-Benz AG is using Unity to power the infotainment domain of its new operating system, which will roll out across its vehicle portfolio.

Image courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Group Media

Honda: Vehicle design visualization

Using Unity, designers at the Honda Design Center can accelerate approvals from management and get to market faster by creating immersive presentations in just 24 hours.

Lockheed Martin: VR-assisted product validation

Find out how Lockheed Martin builds products virtually to minimize physical prototyping and testing, saving millions of dollars by discovering and resolving issues earlier in development.

From vision to reality

Get the creation tools and enterprise-level support you need to transform your CAD and 3D data into immersive apps and experiences available on any device, anywhere.

Frequently asked questions

Licensing and pricing

Can I still purchase Unity Industrial Collection?

Unity Industrial Collection is deprecated starting April 3, 2023. New customers interested in accessing the Unity Editor should purchase Unity Industry. Please visit the Unity Industry FAQ page for further details. 


What are my options to renew or upgrade as an existing Unity Industrial Collection (UIC) subscriber?

As a current UIC customer, from April 3, 2023 until October 3, 2023, you may:

  • Upgrade your UIC subscription to Unity Industry. 
  • Renew your current subscription for one extra year at the current list price
    • If your renewal takes place between October 3, 2023 and April 3, 2024, you can early-renew your current subscription for one extra year at the current list price. Early renewal does not change the date your subscription starts and ends.
  • Purchase one or more additional seats of UIC at the current price, for a one year term. 

At the end of your current subscription, your UIC license will expire. Please visit our FAQ page for further details on licensing and pricing information for current subscribers.

Unity Industry

What is Unity Industry?

Unity Industry is a new suite of products and services that includes the Unity Editor (Unity Enterprise), Industry Success, Pixyz Plugin, and other software and services. It is a successor to the Unity Industrial Collection.

To learn more, visit the Unity Industry page.

What are the differences between Unity Industrial Collection and Unity Industry?

Unity Industry is an upgrade on most elements of Unity Industrial Collection. To learn more about the differences between these offerings, please visit our updated Unity Industry FAQ.

How can I purchase Unity Industry?

Contact Unity Sales to inquire about Unity Industry. Standalone or floating licenses are available.

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