Uptodown delivers Android game sales and much more

Uptodown isn’t just a global game marketplace. Their expert editorial team also creates custom content to enhance your game’s store presence and drive engagement of core players.

About Uptodown

Uptodown reaches 100mil+ mobile gamers, offers 80/20 revenue share, and places games in their appropriate regional store locations based on localization. Their most unique offerings are providing custom content to improve game visibility, and a standalone web store alongside their official app where users can discover and download games directly.

Go worldwide with Uptodown

Uptodown reaches mobile game players across the globe, including Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America, the CIS region, and more. All told, they have around 130 million monthly active users (MAU), with highly sought-after Asian market penetration for mobile game developers.

Why Uptodown and UDP?

Submitting your game to Uptodown opens plenty of opportunities thanks to their worldwide reach and tailored store content for games. But submitting to Uptodown through UDP gets you an important additional benefit: a bigger spotlight for your game in a featured section of the store, which further boosts its discoverability by eager players.

Reach gamers globally and get discovered more easily

With Android game sales on the rise around the world, there has never been a better time to get your game discovered and selling faster with outstanding store support from Uptodown. Add even more visibility and make the process easier by submitting with UDP.

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