Simplify your workflow so you can save time and resources bringing your project to life.

Introducing SNAPS by the Asset Store

Creating 3D games is quick and easy with Snaps

Art creation is one of the most time-consuming tasks in game development and can take up more than 50% of production resources. Teams of all sizes and experience levels frequently source art, yet it can be challenging to find quality collections of assets that are visually consistent and compatible with your specifications.

Snaps asset packs solve that problem by providing themed collections of assets that will help you streamline your workflow from prototype to production.

From greyboxing to production, fast

Snaps Prototype
Pieces snap together

Start blocking out your project. Themed collections of ProBuilder-made modular prefabs, built to real-world scale, help you quickly design 3D levels. They’re untextured and have a clear geometry, so they’re light and easy to use. You can add fidelity later either through textures or geometry.

Snaps Art
From prototype to production in no time

Save time moving from prototype to production. Snaps Art packs are modular game-ready assets, including environments, props and more. If you used Snaps Prototype assets, you can save more time by replacing them with Snaps Art assets.

Snaps Art HD
Take your project to the next level

Bring your project to life with high-fidelity detail. Use Snaps Art HD assets and get the most out of Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) for photorealistic quality with high-resolution textures and extras. If you used Snaps Prototype assets, you can replace the assets easily.

Reviews and case studies

Mellow Yue, Technical Director, Tencent

“The Asset Store has provided important Unity add-ons and 3rd-party tools. It also includes several Tencent custom tools.”

Mellow Yue, Technical Director, Tencent
Alexander Shmyrov, Producer, Game Insight

“When you just need models or controllers or something similar, the research team can go to the Asset Store to create the first look & feel, and it can save them up to six months of development time.”

Alexander Shmyrov, Producer, Game Insight
Renaud Forestié, Director of Gameplay, Gameloft

“Whenever we need something off-the-shelf, it’s probably for sale or available for free in the Asset Store.”

Renaud Forestié, Director of Gameplay, Gameloft
Roman Zorin, Game Producer, Playkot

“Unity includes all the tech tools we need to build the types of games we want to build. And we all think the Asset Store, with its thousands of game-ready resources, comes in very handy.”

Roman Zorin, Game Producer, Playkot
Asset Store user, Snaps Office Pack review

“They have enough detail to overcome the industrial empty box look, but not so much as to curtail one’s vision.”

Asset Store user, Snaps Office Pack review
Asset Store user, Snaps Office Pack review

“This is a basic fast prototype tool – a low-poly office without any issues!”

Asset Store user, Snaps Office Pack review
Asset Store user, Snaps Sci-Fi Pack review

“I’m a user of ProBuilder and ProGrids and so was happy to see a free collection of assets that align with these tools.”

Asset Store user, Snaps Sci-Fi Pack review

Build levels easily with Snaps in Unity

Modular and compatible

Built to real-world scale, Snaps assets make level building easy and efficient. They are made with ProBuilder, snap together easily with ProGrids, and are customizable with ProBuilderize and various digital content creation tools. All Snaps assets are modular so creators can use them with other Snaps packs and in their own projects.


Snaps assets include physically based rendering (PBR) materials, so you can use them to enrich your prototype assets. With high-fidelity textures and materials, they are customizable to be able to target any platform. Snaps Art packs are for anyone who wants to speed up game production.

Snaps Art HD assets follow the Snaps Prototype modularity guidelines

High-fidelity 3D art

Created by teams of veteran artists, the AAA-quality 3D assets, materials, textures and more in Snaps asset packs leverage Unity’s Scriptable Render Pipeline technology. Creators can gain valuable insight into how high-quality assets are made and learn to customize assets to take their project to the next level.

What are Snaps modularity specifications?

Snaps are 3D models inside prefab objects. Snaps assets are designed to respect a real-world scale grid. The grid measurements starts at 1 m (equal to a Unity grid unit) and are halved (i.e., 0.5, 0.25, 0.125 and so on) for smaller objects and multiplied (i.e., 2, 3, 4 and so on) for bigger objects. The rotation for the objects is optimal in increments of 11.25 degrees (i.e., 11.25, 22.5, 33.75, 45, 56.25 and so on).

How does Snaps work with ProBuilder and ProGrids?

Snaps assets are designed to “snap” together using ProGrids. 

ProBuilder extends the functionality of Snaps Prototype and Snaps Art* assets by enabling users to change the appearance or add fidelity to assets within the Unity Editor using its Probuilderize option. 

ProGrids and ProBuilder are available for download in the Package Manager. 

*Note: Significant changes to geometry will require re-adjusting the UV map.

Where can I find the Snaps asset packs?

You can find all the available packs on the Asset Store. We’re growing the ultimate prototyping and creation library and we’ll be adding different genres to the Snaps categories. Follow Unity on social media and subscribe to the Asset Store to be notified about new Snaps asset packs.

What are the differences between Snaps Prototype, Snaps Art and Snaps Art HD?

You can understand the main differences in terms of the following elements:

  • Geometry: Snaps Prototype assets use low-poly light 3D models, designed for easy prototyping; the models are made in ProBuilder and respect the Snaps modularity standard. Snaps Art assets have approximately 3 times the definition of the prototyping assets; they can be edited with ProBuilder, but the UV mapping may need adjusting. Snaps Art HD assets have high-definition geometry suitable for High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) projects.
  • Textures and materials: All Snaps assets use standard Unity materials. Snaps Prototype assets include basic colored materials with the UV-map ready if you wanted to add texture to them. Snaps Art assets use 2048 x 2048 textures. Snaps Art HD assets use 4096 x 4096 textures. Both Snaps Art and Snaps Art HD use PBR materials, sometimes with Albedo, normal map, mask map, or subsurface mask.
  • Shaders: Snaps Art and Snaps Art HD use built-in Unity shaders. Assets that required custom shaders used ShaderGraph, so you can modify them easily.
  • Scene: All Snaps packs come with a scene so you can readily visualize the look you can achieve. The Snaps Art or Snaps Art HD scenes may include a lighting setup as an example of how you can use the assets. 
  • Additional bonus content: All Snaps pack content is described on the product page.  Any information about additional content, such as animations or music tracks, is included here. Bonus content varies from pack to pack.

For example, Snaps Art HD | Buried Memories: Serekh includes a high-fidelity character model with easy-to-customize body parts, armor and a weapon, and more than 100 animations.

Who is Snaps made for?

Snaps packs are ideal for anyone interested in creating prototypes in less time. By observing the workflows and iteration processes of many game studios, we realized that we can provide an efficient and streamlined solution for prototyping games. Snaps assets work with projects of all sizes and can be customized to meet a variety of needs. Additionally, the assets can be used as starting assets or final assets in projects. 

Snaps assets are also great for anyone wanting to learn about how games are made and what goes into the creation of AAA assets. Snaps Prototype assets can help you kick off your dream project and learn the ropes using ProBuilder.

Snaps Art and Snaps Art HD assets are made by our team of artists with experience making AAA games, so you can learn best practices from industry veterans.

Can I make Snaps-compatible assets and sell them on the Asset Store?

We plan to standardize the process for publishers interested in creating Snaps asset packs. If you want to be notified about potential opportunities, you can reach us via the Publisher portal.

What is the refund policy for Snaps?

We want to help you bring your projects to life and make it as easy as possible for you to find the right assets. If a Snaps asset doesn’t work for your project, let us know. We’ll either help you to get the asset to work or refund your money (within 30 days of purchase). 

We aim to provide detailed descriptions, videos, and images for all assets so you know what you’re getting. Snaps assets are no risk. We’ve got your back.

Submit refund requests through the Customer Service Form. Requests will be processed in 3–5 days.

What are the system requirements for Snaps asset packs?

All Snaps asset packs use standard Unity materials and are compatible with Unity 2018.4. (Earlier versions of Unity will not support the required Nested Prefabs functionality.).

  • Snaps Prototype asset packs require ProBuilder 4.0.5 or later and ProGrids 3.0.3 or later. They are compatible with Unity’s default renderer and the Lightweight Render Pipeline (LWRP).
  • Snaps Art assets packs can be compatible with LWRP and HDRP.
  • Due to changes in HDRP, Snaps Art HD asset packs are currently not supported in 2019.1. We will be updating it in the coming months to add 2019.x compatibility.
What happened to Asset Store Originals?

The Snaps ecosystem includes all asset packs formerly labeled Asset Store Originals and Unity Icon Collective. Snaps Prototype asset packs typically have a corresponding Snaps Art or Snaps Art HD asset pack.

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