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Game Growth supports indies with tools and expertise that take your mobile game to the next level.

Small teams. Big dreams.

A groundbreaking new program for indie mobile developers, Game Growth lets you focus on creating amazing experiences for players while Unity helps grow your game.

How does Game Growth work?

game growth evaluation
Get your game evaluated

Getting started is easy. All you need is a published free-to-play mobile game made with Unity. Begin your application by submitting your project, advertising assets, and installing the Game Growth package. We then review your core game performance, project details and overall program fit.

Game Growth partner
Optimize your game ops

After initial testing, as a signed Game Growth partner you get access to leading experts and proven tools. Basically, we’re an extension of your team to help you optimize live ops, monetization, and player lifecycles. So you can focus on development.

Game Growth acceleration
Accelerate your growth

Game Growth gives you access to the expertise and resources to take your game to the next level – Unity funds the user acquisition, but we share revenue 50/50. We acquire the right players, then effectively manage those lifecycles and provide guidance for monetization.

How to apply

Getting started is easy. All you need is a live free-to-play mobile game made with Unity.
Connect to the Unity Dashboard and submit your project and advertising assets.
Install the Game Growth package and begin testing. We’ll be in touch with the next steps.

Key benefits

Full independence

You always have complete creative control of your project. Unity helps you scale your game, and we share revenue 50/50 after user acquisition funding is recouped.

Easy integration

The Game Growth package includes everything you need to scale in one easy package. Just install, integrate, and get ready to grow.

Guides & resources

Game Growth is your source for industry-leading resources, tutorials, and guides on how to effectively scale your mobile game.

User acquisition

Once partnered, we use your game metrics to run optimized user acquisition campaigns to bring in new players.

Live ops & engagement

Acquiring new players is just the start. We provide the tools to help improve your mobile game experience and drive engagement.


Earn more so you can keep creating. We help you build a healthy and sustainable approach to game monetization.

Resources and guides

Introducing the Game Growth Program

Making an amazing game is the first step, but what happens after you launch?

Frequently asked questions

Get all your questions about the Game Growth program answered.

How to become a Game Growth partner

Want to know how to become a partner? We break it down for you.

How to design creative assets

Learn how to create amazing images and videos for your application to the Game Growth program. 

Castle Fusion
Case study

Castle Fusion

Based in Australia, Shark Jump is just four talented team members. With Game Growth, their game Castle Fusion Idle Clicker grew daily active users (DAUs) to over 160K, as well as increasing downloads, chart ranking and engagement. Game Growth guidance helped Shark Jump optimize ad placement, the app store listing, and their game economy.

Case study

Clone Armies

Clone Armies, by Elecube, is a game that combines tactical strategy with pure shooting action as you lead your clone soldiers to victory. Elecube teamed up with Game Growth to optimize ad placements, A/B testing, and data pipelines. The result was a 35% increase in a Day 7 lifetime value without compromising on player experience.

Partner Spotlight

Jakub Szolomicki, CEO/Founder, Zenith Games

"The support I’ve received has been stunning. I can actually focus on creative development and this program is the only reason we’re able to iterate and move so quickly."

Jakub Szolomicki, CEO/Founder, Zenith Games

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