Unity Asset Manager

クラウドベースの拡張可能なデジタルアセット管理(DAM)ソリューションです。強力な 3D アセット管理に特化しており、組織全体のコンテンツの検索性、再利用性、ROI を高めます。

Unity Editor and Unity Version Control integrations are in closed beta. 詳細を見る
Asset Manager


コンテンツを簡単に取り込めるほか、自動生成されるタグとサムネイルで整理すれば、検索性も高まります。プロジェクトベースのコレクションを参照して既存のアセットを探したり、キーワードを使ってプロジェクトの垣根を越えて検索したりできるほか、制作用アプリケーションで DAM から直接コンテンツを表示することも可能です。



Asset Manager

Asset Manager


カテゴリに分けると、コレクション内のコンテンツを直感的に参照したり、キーワードやライセンスの種類に基づいて検索したりできるようになるので、これまでよりも短時間で成果が得られます。パイプラインやプロジェクトをまたいでアセットの再利用性を高め、コンテンツの ROI を最大化できます。


Unity Asset Manager seamlessly integrates into your organization’s workflows. You can access via the Cloud Dashboard, APIs or SDKs, and maintain comprehensive control over your content security.

Asset Manager


3D 体験のためのデジタルアセット管理

コンテンツをめぐる混沌に秩序をもたらします。Get manual and automated metadata tagging combined with intuitive collection control, version history, drag and drop ingestion, in-app preview of large CAD files, and integrations with Version Control.



Unity Version Control のアセットに対するインデックス作成

Unity Version Control のコンテンツを対象に Unity Asset Manager 内で直接インデックス作成とプレビューができるので、アーティストがスタジオのあらゆるアセットを包括的に把握できます。

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ロールベースのアクセス制御により、コンテンツにアクセスできる人物をプロジェクトレベルで管理できます。プロジェクト管理者、貢献者、コンシューマー、閲覧者のロールを割り当てて、IP に対するアクセスを安全に保つとともに、系統立てて整理することができます。


Unity Asset Manager は、ドキュメントが充実したシンプルな API と、ランタイム時にアセットを簡単に編集および管理できる SDK が用意されているため、パイプライン内の他のアプリケーションとシームレスに統合できます。ワークフローをニーズに合わせて調整することができます。

Unity Cloud

Unity Asset Manager is available as part of Unity Cloud, an ecosystem of products and services that makes work on real-time 3D experiences more creator-focused, accessible, and connected.


The following frequently asked questions specifically address Unity Asset Manager.

Unity Asset Manager とは何ですか?

Unity Asset Manager, currently in beta, is a digital asset management system tailored for the rigors of 3D asset creation, embedded directly in the Unity Cloud dashboard.

With Unity Asset Manager, you can:

  • Upload assets from disk or connect to Unity DevOps Version Control
  • Store assets in Unity Cloud storage (included capacity according to your subscription)
  • Build your own integration with APIs and SDKs
  • Use a suite of tools to manage, organize, and discover your assets
  • Use data transformation workflows to generate previews 
  • Manage access to your assets with role-based access controls

To learn what Asset Manager features are included in your subscription, visit the Unity Cloud Compare Plans page.

To learn more, visit the Unity Asset Manager page or visit the Unity Asset Manager documentation.

What is the difference between Asset Store and Asset Manager?

In the Asset Store, you can browse and buy third-party assets. In Asset Manager you can store and manage your own (first-party) assets.

Is Unity Asset Manager only for Unity customers?

Asset Manager is engine-agnostic and anyone can get started by logging in with your existing Unity credentials or creating a Unity Cloud account.

You can also use Asset Manager with most DCC or game engine through APIs.

How do I get started with Unity Asset Manager?

Log into Unity Cloud or  logging in with your existing Unity ID or by creating a Unity Cloud account.

From the Unity Cloud Product page, select Asset Manager, create a project, add your assets, and start inviting teammates to collaborate in your project.

For more detailed information on getting started with Asset Manager, read the documentation.

Does Unity Asset Manager offer role-based access control?

はい。We support full role-based access control (RBAC) at the organization and project level, enabling you to keep secure access to your valuable IP.

Organization Owners will have full access to all projects in their Organization by default.

If you’re an Organization Owner, you can invite other users both inside and outside of your organization to your projects. You can also assign them roles of Owners, Contributors, Consumers, or even just Viewers at both the organization and project level.

For more detailed information regarding Unity Asset Manager’s role-based access controls, visit documentation.

To understand the differences between Asset Manager project add-on roles, read the documentation.

Which file types does Unity Asset Manager support?

Unity Asset Manager is file agnostic. Visit documentation for more details.

What is the Unity Asset Manager for Unity Editor integration and how can I access it?

The Unity Asset Manager for Unity Editor integration lets you browse content from Unity Asset Manager in the Unity Editor and port that existing content into your projects without switching contexts. The integration is in closed beta; join the waitlist.

What is the Unity Version Control for Asset Manager integration and how can I access it?

The Asset Manager for Unity Version Control integration lets you index and preview content from Unity Version Control directly within Unity Asset Manager. The Asset Manager for Unity Version Control integration is in closed beta; join the waitlist.

What Unity Editor versions will support the Asset Manager for Unity Editor integration?

2022 LTS+