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Known Issues in 2023.1.8f1

  • Asset - Database: "InvalidOperationException" is thrown when creating new Input Action (UUM-26520)

  • Asset Importers: OnImportAsset leaks 5GB of memory (UUM-43067)

  • Audio Authoring: Prefabs with the AudioSources component don't change the output of their AudioMixer group when instantiated using Addressables and manipulated in the Player (UUM-42962)

  • Cloth: Cannot use Paint tool (UUM-35062)

  • Contextual Menu: [TextMeshPro] "CONTEXT" menu item appears and Editor crashes when TMP 3.2.0-pre.4 package is imported (UUM-40410)

  • Graphics Device Features: Rendering artifacts using Custom Render Texture shader on Sphere Game Object (UUM-43540)

  • Graphics Device Features: Severe performance degradation in Play Mode when using multiple Cameras with "Direct3D12", "OpenGLCore", and "OpenGLES3" Graphics APIs in URP & HDRP (UUM-42795)

  • HD RP: Baked lightmaps are not applied in the Player (UUM-42601)

  • HD RP: Motion Blur distorts Terrain details in Runtime (UUM-43491)

  • HD RP: The Editor becomes unresponsive and the machine performs worse when the Editor is opened (UUM-34562)

  • Input: The device selection menu does not respond to mouse clicks when trying to add a device in a Control Scheme (UUM-40635)

  • Metal: [iOS] Rendering freezes when the orientation is changed (UUM-9480)

  • Native Window Management: Crash on core::Join<core::basic_string<char,core::StringStorageDefault<char> > & __ptr64,char const (& __ptr64)[2],core::basic_string_ref<char> > when the Editor runs out of memory saving an invalid override (UUM-36776)

  • Progressive Lightmapper: Light Probe GPU memory is not deallocated when cancelling a bake (UUM-41988)

  • Scene/Game View: Button triggers another Button when multiple Canvases are used in multiple windows (UUM-36255)

  • Serialization: Crash on SerializedProperty_CUSTOM_GetStringValueInternal when renaming a ScriptableObject Asset (UUM-41704)

  • UI Toolkit Framework: Unity Editor is rendered without the toolbar icons when using it on old hardware with integrated GPU (UUM-13134)

  • Universal RP: Rendering stops and an “ArgumentNullException” error appears when disabling Camera’s “Dynamic Resolution” setting (UUM-44988)

  • Universal RP: RTHandles in URP causes memory allocation in multi-camera scenarios (UUM-19089)

  • Universal RP: [URP][XR] Performance degradation when comparing Android Quest 2 builds across 2020.3 and 2023.x (UUM-33025)

2023.1.8f1 Release Notes

API Changes

  • Graphics: Added: ForEach method to iterate over the tiers of QualitySettings in a safe way. (UUM-37398)


  • XR: Updated AR Foundation and related packages to version 5.0.7.

  • XR: Updated com.unity.xr.openxr package version to 1.8.2.


  • 2D: Fixed performance issue with light batching. (UUM-39663)

  • 2D: Fixed Pixel Perfect Camera error when scale is set to 0. (UUM-40888)

  • Android: Fixed an issue where Android build system was asking for an API level that didn't exist. (UUM-40891)

  • Android: Fixed JNI:GetInternetReachability exception while using APIs like Application.internetReachability when running with GameActivity. (UUM-42522)

  • Android: On closing the touch screen keyboard TouchScreenKeyboard.hideInput is set to true. (UUM-39642)

  • Android: Upgraded BouncyCastle from version 1.47 to 1.70 to fix security vulnerabilities. (UUM-13774)

  • Apple TV: Fixed play mode test project InputBackend. (UUM-21779)

  • Editor: Enabled mixed stack trace for Mono builds on Linux. (UUM-33920)

  • Editor: Ensure all properties in Search auto complete dialog have a tooltip to accomodate really long property names. (UUM-35583)

  • Editor: Ensure derived components are indexed (in prefab). (UUM-41735)

  • Editor: Ensure SearchQueryProject list and SearchQuery panels are updated if SearchQueryAssets are added/removed either from Search Window or externally. (UUM-41173)

  • Editor: Fixed a null reference exception when the user selects a prefab with a terrain in the root node in the project view. (UUM-36754)

  • Editor: Fixed Async Progress registering ScriptingGCHandle not in current domain. (UUM-39631)

  • Editor: Fixed getthumbail if we generate preview for multi selection when selection was started on a Folder. (UUM-34440)

  • Editor: Fixed shutdown crash caused by nullptr dereference inside WorkerManagerASIO. (UUM-43024)

  • Editor: Make text in Windows Editor dialogues selectable to support copy and paste. (UUM-41283)

  • Editor: Proper handling of saving a scenetemplate or a unity scene. (UUM-42427)

  • Editor: Removed dialog window and Variant suffix for Model Prefab Instances dragged into the project window. (UUM-33190)

  • Editor: Removed the scrollview in the New Scene dialog. (UUM-40806)

  • Editor: Style buttons of SceneTemplate Inspector. (UUM-31080)

  • Editor: Updated Window/Panel menu even when aux window are closed. (UUM-26519)

  • GI: Detecting invalid data in lighting data assets in order to avoid a crash. (UUM-27652)

  • Graphics: Fixed compilation error on shadergraph preview. (UUM-42693)

  • Graphics: Fixed for environment lighting when no adaptive prove volume is present. (UUM-30972)

  • Graphics: Fixed stencil information display error under camera depthNormals mode. (UUM-27513)

  • HDRP: Added warning to reflection probe editor to prevent user from baking in a low quality level. (UUM-41531)

  • HDRP: Fixed Decal additive normal blending on shadergraph materials. (UUM-38065)

  • HDRP: Fixed decal projector with neutral normal when using surface gradient. (UUM-22853)

  • HDRP: Fixed recovering the current Quality level when migrating a HDRP Asset. (UUM-37398)

  • IL2CPP: Avoid a semaphore link in the IL2CPP runtime that can occur during lock contention for multiple threads. (UUM-40104)

  • IL2CPP: Corrected the behavior of .NET File APIs for some DLC paths on GameCore. (UUM-29631)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed Calli scanning bug in MarkReflectionLikeDependencies pass. (UUM-33871)

  • Linux: Fixed Editor getting focused when saving script files with Jetbraines Rider. (UUM-36463)

  • Package Manager: Fixed an issue where built-in packages could not be successfully resolved if a dependency version did not exactly match the built-in package version. (UUM-37161)

  • Particles: Fixed particles flickering on Vulkan. (UUM-21106)

  • Player: Fixed custom SRP shaders used in skyboxes not rendering in Single-Pass Instanced XR rendering mode.

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed exception thrown when adding a hidden column to a multi column control. (UUM-39648)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed the ordering of the spacing and border fields in the UI Builder inspector, to match uss order.

  • Universal RP: Fixed exception for missing _Color Shader Property. (UUM-35520)

  • WebGL: Moved BrowserifyJSTool to the WebGL area since its only used by the WebGL build. (UUM-34020)


Third Party Notices

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