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Known Issues in 2022.3.15f1

  • Android: AdmobSDK banner ad disappears when the device goes to the home screen and returns to the application (UUM-57151)

  • Asset - Database: Missing Default Layout dialog on projects created using templates packaged on 2022.3.13f1 (UUM-55758)

  • Audio Authoring: Wrong tooltip when hovering over the "Load In Background" property of an audio clip (UUM-27581)

  • DOTS: [Android] [Entities] Build fails with the error “Asset has disappeared while building player to 'globalgamemanagers.assets' - path '', instancedID '-xxxxxx'“ when building (UUM-41830)

  • GLES: [Linux][URP] Crash on GfxFramebufferGLES::Clear when entering the Play Mode when all Renderer Features are disabled, Native RenderPass and MainCamera's Depth Texture is enabled (UUM-49240)

  • Graphics Device Features: Crash on RenderEventsContext::ExecuteCommandBuffers when creating a Material while in the Play Mode and the Material preview is being rendered in the Inspector window (UUM-56959)

  • IAP: [Android] The Player crashes with a "JNI ERROR (app bug)" error when the global reference table gets overflowed by BillingClientStateListener (UUM-55105)

  • Mono: Crash in CollectManagedImportDependencyGetters inside OpenScene in batch mode (UUM-57742)

  • Packman: Users cannot export bundled plugins into a .unitypackage anymore (UUM-37376)

  • Packman: [Linux] Package Manager window disappears when adding a package from git URL (UUM-52706)

  • PhysX Integration: Rigidbody component's values do not translate to the PhysX calculations when they are being overridden via a script (UUM-55081)

  • Scene Management: Crash on MergePrefabChanges when attempting to assign missing GameObject in Inspector (UUM-42461)

  • Scene/Game View: Cannot move the Scene view Camera with the Middle Mouse Button when the Scene window is not active (UUM-57116)

  • URP: Building 3D Sample Scenes (URP) Project fails (UUM-57781)

2022.3.15f1 Release Notes


  • Burst: Burst support for Apple visionOS.

  • Universal RP: Improved renderViewportScale for XR intermediate textures.


  • Editor: Added visionOS icons for build target selection and player settings.


  • 2D: Fixed AnimatedTile not animating in a player build. (UUM-55931)

  • 2D: Fixed case where URP freeform lights glitch when Light points are close to one another. (UUM-43318)

  • AI: Built-in navigation components are no longer hidden from the Add Component menu if the AI Navigation package is not installed. Instead, affected workflows provide shortcuts to install the package.

  • AI: Editor: Fixed crashes and instabilities arising from hiding built-in Navigation components in menus. (UUM-53002)

  • Android: Bump Android Logcat package to 1.4.0.

  • Android: Input device listener processes the callback on UI thread, instead of the Main thread; this was incompatible with GameActivity setup, where Java looper is not present on Unity's main thread. This change fixed the bug where DualShock4 controller was not recognised after being disconnected and reconnected to certain Android devices. (UUM-52211)

  • Android: When picking target API level which is not the highest installed API level, Unity will now show a dialog asking if you want install it and will install missing API level upon request, previously Unity would throw an error and would ask you to install API level manually. This new behavior will be available only in non batch mode, in batch mode you would still receive an error, the reason is to avoid potential implicit errors. (UUM-52052)

  • Animation: Fixed crash with multithreaded evaluation after calling ApplyOverrides on AnimatorOverrideController. (UUM-31848)

  • Asset Bundles: Fixed an issue where a race condition during multiple Asset Bundle unload operations could result in a crash. (UUM-49715)

  • Asset Pipeline: Accelerator settings accessors check for null settings ptr. (UUM-46142)

  • Audio: Fixed a bug that prevented the Script Inspector from showing a VU meter when the script overrides OnAudioFilterRead. (UUM-51045)

  • Audio: Updated wrong tooltip when hovering over the "Load In Background" property of an audio clip. (UUM-27581)

  • Editor: Added placeholder label in inspector for uninitialized managed reference. This provides parity with IMGUI behavior. (UUM-54080)

  • Editor: Ensure starting Unity doesn't restart Indexing. (UUM-55851)

  • Editor: Fixed "Assertion failed on expression" errors spammed due to an attachment limit. (UUM-42643)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where it was not possible to bind a shortcut to Mouse0 in the Shortcut Manager Window. (UUM-43118)

  • Editor: Fixed bug where sometimes the cloud project ID does not get included in the build.

  • Editor: Fixed Child object not correctly destructed during scene unloading when detached from its parent in OnDestroy. (UUM-35019)

  • Editor: Fixed Cmd+Ctrl+Q shortcut closing the Editor on macOS.<br> Fixed Ctrl key is ignored when creating shortcuts with Cmd key. (UUM-48077)

  • Editor: Fixed crash in tlsf when doing large allocation. (UUM-56232)

  • Editor: Fixed Editor freezes when PrefabUtility.LoadPrefabContents is called in AssetPostprocessor.OnPostprocessAllAssets for a moved prefab. (UUM-54362)

  • Editor: Fixed Editor performance issue when opening an ShaderVariantCollection asset containing more than 10k child variant objects by shifting from IMGUI to UI Toolkit. (UUM-41588)

  • Editor: Fixed missing SH vertex evaluation keywords in various secondary URP shaders. (UUM-39531)

  • Editor: Fixed sign out experience from the Editor UI with or without active Hub. (LIT-2409)

  • Editor: Ignore files/folders which include backslashes on macOS and Linux (they break many things) and warn the user. (UUM-3304)

  • Editor: Removed shortcut duplicates in the Binding Conflicts tab in the Shortcut Manager window. (UUM-55287)

  • GI: Changed 'Spotlight' to Spot Light in a couple of UI elements. (UUM-55409)

  • Graphics: Added a memory leak for AsyncGPUReadbackRequest in WebGL Player. (UUM-46008)

  • Graphics: Added missing LoadDOTSInstancedDataOverridden_XXX() shader functions. (UUM-53655)

  • Graphics: Clarify that creating an AsyncQueueSynchronisation GraphicsFence requires the platform to support AsyncCompute. (UUM-47689)

  • Graphics: Fixed support for rendering meshes with lines/points, not just triangles.

  • HDRP: Added index seed mode for path tracing to avoid "sticky" noise patterns when using path tracing in conjunction with Recorder. (UUM-52633)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed a crash when a function pointer appeared as a ref our out parameter. (UUM-53171)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed C++ compilation error on structs with Charset.Auto and a System.Char field. (UUM-52898)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed IL2CPP build errors when Enums are decorated with a GUID attribute. (UUM-52435)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed incorrect parsing of generic limit command line arguments. (UUM-42804)

  • iOS: Bring back the applicationDidReceiveMemoryWarning: to UnityAppController. (UUM-55367)

  • Linux: Fixed New Input System Mouse Click does not work on Secondary Displays. (UUM-55275)

  • Linux: Fixed space key does not work when holding the Shift key. (UUM-54226)

  • Mono: Fixed runtime crash when accessing a struct field of a null object. (UUM-47983)

  • Mono: When processing the methods of an interface, check that a generic method has the virtual flag to avoid corrupting the vtable. (UUM-49018)

  • Package Manager: Fixed an issue where Git packages were incorrectly displayed in Unity Registry. (UUM-53183)

  • Physics 2D: Fixed an issue where "PhysicsShapeGroup2D.Add()" produced incorrect "PhysicsShape2D.vertexStartIndex". (UUM-57029)

  • Physics 2D: Fixed an issue where small/thin holes were left inside a PolygonCollider2D due to removal of near-collinear vertex. (UUM-45879)

  • Scene/Game View: Fixed center tool handle mode. (UUM-55984)

  • Scene/Game View: Fixed to only save siblings on sibling re-order in the scene hierarchy. (UUM-48562)

  • Serialization: Fixed incorrect behaviour of "visited" hash set.

  • SRP Core: Don't display help icon for VolumeComponents that don't have a valid Help URL defined. (UUM-33088)

  • uGUI: Sprite transparency fix when using RGB ETC1 format with split alpha channel. (UUM-44890)

  • UI Toolkit: UI Toolkit + IPointerClickHandler. IPointerClickHandler now counts clickCount correctly. (UUM-47980)

  • Undo System: Detect scripts which destroy object they are added to during Reset. (UUM-40624)

  • Undo System: Improved performance on Undo Flush when using serialization system. (UUM-10900)

  • Universal RP: Fixed an issue where screen space decals would not calculate ambient lighting correctly. (UUM-47142)

  • Universal RP: Fixed FXAA resulting in a too-dark image when using in combination with HDR output, and bilinear/nearest-neightbor upscaling. (UUM-43117)

  • Universal RP: Fixed SH vertex evaluation mode in URPLit shader graph. (UUM-39531)

  • Universal RP: The Fullscreen Render Feature doesn't cause rendering layers to run in the depth normals prepass anymore. (UUM-56003)

  • VFX Graph: Crash when converting to subgraph block. (UUM-39696)

  • VFX Graph: Exception while convert to subgraph with Range of Parameter. (UUM-39693)

  • VFX Graph: Fixed RenderTexture could not be used anymore in VFXGraph. (UUM-55153)

  • VFX Graph: Subgraph creation doesn't keep activation slots link. (UUM-40383)

  • VFX Graph: Unexpected JSON error while using ShaderGraph. (UUM-56300)

  • Video: OnFrameReady is called twice when setting the time in VideoPlayer. (UUM-40971)

  • Video: WEBM files are stuttering when the number of remaining frames is less than the number of the pre-buffered frames. (UUM-43721)

  • Video: [WebGL]VideoPlayer Rendering stops when setting FilterMode of a texture downloaded with UnityWebRequestTexture.GetTexture(). (UUM-52266)

  • WebGL: Fixed a bug that caused for input to not be released when focus was removed from canvas on Windows Chrome. (UUM-53519)

Package changes in 2022.3.15f1

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