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Known Issues in 2022.2.4f1

  • 2D: [URP] Memory leak when in Play Mode (UUM-19089)

  • Animation: Root Motion character warps into a new position when negative speed values are applied in a Blend Tree (UUM-21885)

  • IMGUI Framework: Array values aren't changed when altering them in a custom EditorWindow (UUM-15645)

  • MacOS: Crash on __pthread_kill when dragging Sprites into the Scene view (UUM-20950)

  • Metal: [iOS]Unable to maintain 120fps consistently in a near-empty scene on iPhone 13 Pro (UUM-5944)

  • Metal: [M1] Crash on MTLGetEnvCase<MTLErrorModeType> when building the project for iOS (UUM-22385)

  • Serialization: Serialized field values are lost when switching between branches using Git (UUM-12454)

  • Templates: [VR Template] Standalone Profiler Crashes when opening (UUM-21186)

  • Video: [Android] Application crashes when changing the source URL of a video player in Android (UUM-20661)

2022.2.4f1 Release Notes


  • Android: Added build_fingerprint information to android builds.


  • Asset Import: Reduced the overhead of asset importing by limiting the number of copies of internal parameter structs.

  • Bug Reporter: Asset import worker logs are now attached to bugs, outside of the project zip.

  • GI: Added a toggle for automatic recalculation of environment lighting in the Workflow section of the Lighting window. (UUM-13907)

  • Multiplayer: Added Netcode for GameObjects 1.2.0.

  • Particles: Don't call OnParticleTrigger when there are no trigger module events to report. (Optimization). (UUM-19111)

API Changes

  • Apple TV: Added: Identifier for 3rd generation Apple TV 4K.

  • iOS: Added: Identifiers for iPad models released in 2022.

  • Version Control: Removed: Collab and its dependency from the package.


  • Editor: Updated the Unity FBX SDK bindings to version 4.1.2. which updates Autodesk FBX SDK to 2020.3.2.

  • Scene/Game View: Reverted a change that caused the OnSceneGUI event to be exited early on a selection change. (UUM-17445)


  • 2D: Added proper manual URL for GridSelection. (UUM-20223)

  • 2D: Fixed rendering of GameObjects in a Tile Palette window when a Scriptable Render Pipeline is used. (UUM-22035)

  • AI: Fixed a blocked passage due to seemingly valid polygons after an obstacle carved the NavMesh nearby. (UUM-8240)

  • Android: Avoid GC deadlock in AndroidJavaProxy. (UUM-15968)

  • Android: PermissionCallbacks.DeniedAndDontAskAgain is no longer invoked on Android 11 and later. Use Denied instead on all versions. (UUM-20936)

  • Animation: Fixed 'NullReferenceException' when Animator "Any State" transition arrow is selected. (UUM-7732)

  • Asset Pipeline: Removed logged error if a preview is requested for an asset that references a deleted asset. (UUM-6963)

  • DX12: Fixed for crash spawning particle effects. (UUM-12979)

  • Editor: Enabled Noise Sine Wave in ShaderGraph to now modulate all channels, not just the first. (SGB-97)

  • Editor: Fixed a memory leak which would manifest when loading then unloading scenes additively. (UUM-18684)

  • Editor: Fixed a windows editor bug where the cursor sometimes jumped to a different screen when double-clicking the property window in multi-display mode. (UUM-8131)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue whereby the depth pre-pass did not batch effectively. (UUM-20379)

  • Editor: Fixed Editor crash when calling API's to show modal dialogs while -drawRect is in progress. (UUM-2293)

  • Editor: Fixed error triggered when reloading domain with a Property window opened. (UUM-3529)

  • Editor: Fixed folder name is truncated when dot is used in the name. (UUM-7046)

  • Editor: Fixed forward only material validation.

  • Editor: Fixed issue on Windows where modal dialogs can get the Editor stuck if they are launched from a window that closes itself. (UUM-21096)

  • Editor: Fixed OnValidate callback is called twice when entering Prefab Mode in Context. (UUM-17190)

  • Editor: Fixed potential crash when a scene with a component without a GameObject is loaded. (UUM-1291)

  • Editor: Fixed versioned .so libraries are ignored by the Editor when they are imported. (UUM-11909)

  • Editor: PrefabInstance status will now get correctly set if the Prefab has been deleted after the undo operation was recorded. (UUM-812)

  • Editor: Removed optimization that skips backing up unchanged scene files when entering playmode. This optimization caused too many bugs. (UUM-16018)

  • Editor: Shadergraph: Shadergraphs that have a LOD Crossfade option will now write the expected disableBatching tag.

  • Editor: SpeedTree: Materials selection GUI is now enabled for Mesh Renderer components in the Inspector window. (UUM-22569)

  • Graphics: Fixed a crash that could happen when a BatchRendererGroup is not Disposed and is leaked. (UUM-23129)

  • Graphics: Fixed crash by preventing race condition when opening app from floating icon state on Android. (UUM-576)

  • Graphics: Fixed decals screen space for non-uniforn foveated rendering and vrs foveated rendering with SPI. (UUM-18497)

  • Graphics: Virtual Texturing: Renderer instanced materials (via a renderer.material query in a script) would not copy the correct virtual texture parameters when the original material is not fully initialized. This would incur into a missing VT texture when rendering. (UUM-20402)

  • HDRP: Added note when debug overlay dissapears. (UUM-18913)

  • HDRP: Fixed an issue with new scene being created with bad directional light. (UUM-8321)

  • HDRP: Fixed decal material upgrade.

  • HDRP: Fixed performance when using low quality shadows.

  • HDRP: Fixed project import time regression. (UUM-21636)

  • HDRP: Fixed resetting water surface component. (UUM-18911)

  • HDRP: Fixed sun direction when rotating cloud layer.

  • HDRP: Fixed the culling layers so that they are now taken into account for the water surfaces. (UUM-21449)

  • HDRP: Fixed volumetric clouds disappearing. (UUM-20244)

  • HDRP: Fixed water normal redirection factor.<br> Fixed env smoothness attenuation on pools. (UUM-18945)

  • HDRP: Fixed water position on Mac and in debug modes. (UUM-19573)

  • macOS: Default Application.targetFrameRate for MacOS batchmode was always 60fps instead of the maximum achievable frame rate. (UUM-22161)

  • Package Manager: Local package will no longer have tags other than Local. (UUM-22132)

  • Prefabs: Improved the button text in the unused overrides dialog. (UUM-19026)

  • Profiler: Fixed an issue where the Related Data view in the Hierarchy view of the CPU Usage Profiler Module would ping objects in the Editor even when the profiled data did not come from the current Editor session, thereby making these pings essentially random. With this fix, objects related to these Profiler Samples only get pinged if the data was captured from the current Editor session and the Object's Instance IDs are therefore reliable. (UUM-2165)

  • Profiler: Fixed profiler connection allocations tracking under the ProfilerConnection entry in Memory Profiler. (UUM-16465)

  • Profiler: Fixed rendering of certain character sets in CPU Profiler Timeline view. (UUM-16513)

  • Scene/Game View: Fixed selected child GameObjects not rendering gizmos when the root GameObject is not also selected. (UUM-22208)

  • Scripting: Fixed an issue where assembly validation errors disappear when clearing console messages. (UUM-3087)

  • Shaders: Fixed an issue that the RenderingCommandBuffer.EnableKeyword(material, keyword) now properly affects rendering. (UUM-21676)

  • Shaders: Preparing variants for compilation dialog now shows the name of the shader being processed. (UUM-22015)

  • Shaders: Strict shader variant matching will now report the shader stage along with other information when the requested variant is missing. (UUM-21981)

  • SRP Core: Fixed volume profile field state when asset is removed. (UUM-4641)

  • uGUI: Enabled Physics2DRaycast to now use SortingGroups when determining the sorted order of its results. (UUM-19833)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed TextField offset when the field has dynamic width. (UUM-16002)

  • Universal RP: Corrected render scale value when rendering scene view. (UUM-21505)

  • Universal RP: Fixed an issue causing GPU hangs when using Forward+ for the default renderer while using Forward or Deferred for the active camera renderer. (UUM-19682)

  • Universal RP: Fixed an issue where enabling Rendering Layers in a URP Asset would break additional lights. (UUM-20184)

  • Universal RP: Fixed post-process effects in scene view shaded mode. (UUM-11870)

  • Universal Windows Platform: Fixed mouse wheel events on UWP. (UUM-19092)

  • WebGL: Fixed Unity integration test PowerPreferenceTests.cs failing to build. (UUM-15704)

  • XR: Fixed issues with CopyColorPass when foveated rendering is enabled. (UUM-16327)

  • XR: VR platforms should also ignore vSyncCount on DX12 platform.

Package changes in 2022.2.4f1

Packages updated

  • com.unity.animation.rigging: 1.2.0 &#x2192; 1.2.1

  • com.unity.collab-proxy: 1.17.7 &#x2192; 2.0.0

  • com.unity.ide.rider: 3.0.17 &#x2192; 3.0.18

  • com.unity.mobile.notifications: 2.1.0 &#x2192; 2.1.1

  • com.unity.xr.interaction.toolkit: 2.1.1 &#x2192; 2.2.0

  • com.unity.formats.fbx: 4.2.0 &#x2192; 4.2.1

  • com.autodesk.fbx: 4.2.0 &#x2192; 4.2.1

  • com.unity.transport: 1.3.0 &#x2192; 1.3.1

  • com.unity.netcode.gameobjects: 1.1.0 &#x2192; 1.2.0

Packages added


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