Unity 2018.4.14

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Known Issues in 2018.4.14f1

  • Animation: Animator.Update CPU time spikes when multiple animations are playing (1184690)

  • Animation: Editor crashes with WalkTypeTree when enforcing T-Pose to avatar after clearing all bones mapping (1092815)

  • Scene Management: Duplicated child nested prefab is not created in the same position (1157320)

  • Shuriken: Billboard Particle System rolls in the Game View with "Allow Roll" disabled when a Camera is rotating around it (1081596)

  • Shuriken: ParticleSystem.SetParticles crashes the Editor when writing particle list to array and Particle System has a size module enabled (1197761)

  • Shuriken: Semaphore.WaitForSignal causes a slow editor when entering Play mode (1178300)

  • uGUI: Upgrading the project results in missing System.Serializable UnityEvent function (1196591)

2018.4.14f1 Release Notes


  • 2D: Fixed sprites atlas storing hash changes when atlas is built on a different machine. (1186887)

  • AI: Fixed issue where changes in the bounds of the build sources causes UpdateNavMeshData() to be slow as it regenerate more portions of the NavMesh than necessary. (1183826)

  • Android: Fixed Android cutout in non fullscreen mode and split view. (1183674)

  • Android: Fixed the functionality of FatalError and AccessViolation ForcedCrashCategory's on POSIX platforms. (1142726)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed re-serialization making changes to Nested Prefabs. (1162736)

  • Editor: Added support for async method execution in batch mode. (1146672)

  • Editor: Fixed "stackTraceLogType" command line argument. (1181994)

  • Editor: Fixed a performance regression in the test runner api result reporting, introduced in 2018.3. (1109865)

  • Editor: Fixed bug where crash reports wouldn't be available. (1192488)

  • Editor: Fixed crash when calling RenderTexture.ReleaseTemporary twice for same texture. (1091561)

  • Editor: Fixed crash when calling TextureImporter.ReadTextureSettings with a null argument. (1187147)

  • Editor: Fixed editor crash on switching target platform when project contains a dll asset with a define constraint. (1164392)

  • Editor: Fixed Editor freeze if Profiler is unable to connect to Player. (1008321)

  • Editor: Fixed UnityEngine.MinAttribute not restricting the value of a variable when using the Inspector window. (1183703)

  • Graphics: Fixed an issue where Meshes with Keep Quads enabled would not be rendered. (1179051)

  • Graphics: Fixed crash in dynamic batching when mesh still has indices but misses vertex data. (1158179)

  • Graphics: Fixed sprite artifacts in Metal Editor support. (1184453)

  • iOS: Automatically Sign setting in Editor and Xcode project is now in Sync, and the default Automatically Sign setting in Editor is now set to False. (1170274)

  • iOS: Fixed accelerometer not completely decoupled from gyroscope as it should be. (1085244)

  • iOS: Fixed incorrect dpi shown on iPhone 11 pro. (1187030)

  • macOS: [MacOS] Fixed issue where you could not switch to Windowed mode via script when Allow FullScreen option was disabled. (1080571)

  • Mobile: Fixed issue 1154440, aspect ratio will be respected properly on devices running Android 7.0 and below as well as 8.0 and above now. (1154440)

  • Package Manager: Fixed packages not correctly loaded if the project path contained non-ASCII characters. (1186344)

  • Physics: Fixed a crash that happened when a MeshCollider overlapping a trigger got its sharedMesh set to null and then immediately destroyed. (1155827)

  • Physics: Fixed an issue with Cloth where changing a SkinnedMeshRenderer's Mesh would cause the Editor to crash. (1162918)

  • Profiler: Fixed an issue where console errors appear while displaying UI Details in the profiler window. (1190589)

  • Profiler: Fixed CPU profiler changing it's view type back to Timeline on entering PlayMode. (1175479)

  • Profiler: Fixed Profiler Window reopening to CPU Profiler Details pane when all charts are closed. (1185208)

  • SceneManager: Fixed editor crash when using terrainData.splatPrototypes and Terrain's layer assets aren't found View on Crashes HQ. (1143775)

  • Scripting: 50% GC allocation improvement in logging methods. (1174548)

  • Scripting: Fixed crash when calling System.Diagnostics.Process APIs after domain reload. (1194176)

  • Shaders: Fixed broken shaders on asset bundles built with 2017 or older version of Unity. (1195750)

  • Terrain: Terrain loaded via Asset Bundles & Player data retains and consumes it's own shader list and falls back to Shader. Find only when an error occurs. (1122023)

  • Timeline: Fixed copying a Control Clip during play mode throwing exceptions. (1141581)

  • UI: Fixed CanvasRenderer's not respecting current sorting layer / sibling order. (1176348)

  • Version Control: Fixed for a bug where ignored/unmapped files in Perforce workspaces would cause logspam to appear when selected. (1148796)

  • Windows: Fixed 'localhost' not excluded from Proxy causing Editor components to fail. (1194537)

  • Windows: Multi-display: Fixed non-primary display aspect ratio in windowed mode. (1134231)

  • XR: Fixed Holographic Emulation Window remoting bug that caused Unity to remote to Hololens 1 devices when Hololens 2 was selected.

  • XR: Fixed remoting to V2 devices from UWP x64 apps.


  • XR: Updated to Oculus 1.38 plugin and added support for valid tracking poses even when devices aren't fully tracked. (1197386)

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