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Known Issues in 2021.1.2f1

  • Addressable Assets: Performance bug reported by the DOTS team in PreloadManager::WaitForAllOperationToComplete (1322086)

  • 2D: [Skinning Editor] Vertex can't be created after modifying Vertexes weight and when Sprite is from the .psb file (1322204)

  • Windows: [Windows 7] "WindowsVideoMedia error 0xc00d36b4" error is thrown when loading a video with the VideoPlayer (1306350)

  • Scripting: Increased Script Assembly reload time (1323490)

  • Asset Bundles: Synchronous Asset Loading Does Not Correctly Load Preload Dependencies (1321141)

  • Linux: Linux Editor crashes at "_XFreeX11XCBStructure" when loading tutorials (1323204)

  • Asset Importers: [Performance Regression] Importing an fbx model is noticeably slower when the model contains Animations (1265275)

  • Terrain: Crash on TreeRenderer::WillRenderTrees when being in Play Mode for several seconds (1317966)

  • IMGUI: Contents of a ModalUtility window are invisible when it is launched from a Unity Context Menu (1313636)

  • Global Illumination: Reflection probes doesn't contain indirect scene lighting after the on-demand GI bake from the Lighting window (1324246)

  • Packman: User can't easily configure location of both UPM and Asset Store package local cache (1317232)

  • Serialization: Crash in SerializedProperty::IsValid when reordering a SerializedProperty list (1320319)

  • Global Illumination: [GPUPLM] Crash in RadeonRaysMeshManager::RemoveGeometry while baking Terrain game object with 4k lightmaps on certain GPU (1255993)

  • Terrain: Terrain Lit Opacity as Density option causes alpha'd areas on the 5th layer or greater to appear with artifacts (1283124)

  • Global Illumination: Wintermute::Geometry::Verify errors are spammed when baking a Mesh with Mesh Compression set to Medium/High (1319133)

  • Cloth: Cloth is broken when parent GameObject scale is lower than 1 and Surface Penetration constraints are set 0 (1319488)

  • XR: OpenXR + URP + UWP rendering stuck (1323833)

  • MacOS: [macOS] "build is damaged and cannot be opened" error when downloading Unity build from internet (1323501)

  • Packman: Package Manager incorrectly shows that there are no packages in a new project (1319205)

  • Scripting: Crashes on mono_class_init when entering Play Mode after recompiling scripts (1262671)

  • Asset Importers: Wintermute::Geometry::Verify errors are spammed when baking a Mesh with Mesh Compression set to Medium/High (1313968)

  • 2D: [URP] The Camera renders black screen when Post Processing is enabled in the 2D Renderer and in the Camera Component (1318500)

  • Polybrush: [PolyBrush] Something went wrong saving brush settings Warning is thrown when Saving a Brush after opening the PolyBrush Window (1315475)

2021.1.2f1 Release Notes


  • Graphics: Add control to independently clear stencil buffer in CommandBuffer api.

  • Scripting: CompiliationPipeline.GetAssemblies will now correctly include Roslyn analyzers in ScriptCompilerOptions.

  • XR: Removed "Preview" text from UI display element.

API Changes

  • Graphics: Added: New API functions with no side effects in DynamicResolutionHandler, to retrieve resolved drs scale and to apply DRS on a size.

  • Graphics: Added: New API in DynamicResolutionHandler to handle multicamera rendering for hardware mode. Changing cameras and resetting scaling per camera should be safe.


  • HDRP: Updated Wizard to better handle RenderPipelineAsset in Quality Settings

  • Package: Updates com.unity.cinemachine to 2.7.3

  • Shadergraph: Fixed a bug where property deduplication was failing and spamming errors (1317809)

  • Timeline: Updated Timeline package to version 1.5.4.

  • XR: The Oculus XR Plugin package has been updated to 1.9.0.


  • Animation: Fixed issue where Timeline would stay stuck after going to Play Mode. (1315060)

  • Asset Import: Fixed issue where OnAssignedMaterialModel is not called for meshes that get a default material assigned. (1307374)

  • Asset Pipeline: : Fixed asset that could get reported when projectsetting.asset file is modified directly. (1270162)

  • Build Pipeline: Fixed excessive garbage collection occurring during the build process. (1318468)

  • Editor: Fixed "Lightmap Static" being displayed instead of "Contribute GI" in the editor Static flags dropdown. (1298221)

  • Editor: Fixed "TLS Allocator" error when using Asset Store Tools. (1303631)

  • Editor: Fixed for Window with 'hasUnsavedChanges' set to true not being saved when closed with Middle Mouse Button. (1307671)

  • Editor: Fixed IsArrayReorderable method producing errors in Reflect package (1321782)

  • Editor: Fixed multi-target ReorderableLists that have more than the maximum allowed multi-edit number of elements appearing as empty (1317103)

  • Editor: Fixed ReorderableList allocating memory when getting multi-target array size (1297993)

  • Editor: Fixed reordering lists with Gradient elements being visually outdated after reorder (1315679)

  • Editor: On Windows, a maximized instance of Unity on a second, lower resolution display will now remain maximized on that display when the Editor is restarted. (1314966)

  • Editor: Removed EditorGUIUtility.GetSkinnedIcon and EditorGUIUtility.GetSkinnedIconForDpi to fix unloading of unused textures. Moved part of the implementation in C++ while keeping the features provided by the removed functions. (1308097)

  • Editor: Using an unsupported keyCode in a shortcut attribute no longer throws any exceptions. (1303144)

  • GI: Fixed a null pointer bug in graphics bindings. (1310875)

  • GI: Fixed progressive updates not working for the first bake of an editor session. (1300926)

  • Graphics: Calculating correct rtHandleScale by considering the possible pixel rounding when DRS is on

  • Graphics: First Material data is used for Shadowmap rendering when using multiple Materials with the same Shader and different properties (1304644)

  • Graphics: Fix for async texture deletion to make sure graphics commands have completed first. (1280073)

  • Graphics: Scissor test was automatically disabled when changing render-targets. It is not the case anymore and is consistent with other platforms.

  • HDRP: Fixed missing Update in Wizard's DXR Documentation

  • HDRP: Fixed multicamera rendering for Dynamic Resolution Scaling using dx12 hardware mode. Using a planar reflection probe (another render camera) should be safe.

  • HDRP: Fixed pixelated appearance of Contrast Adaptive Sharpen upscaler and several other issues when Hardware DRS is on

  • IMGUI: Fixed an issue where clearing search field using 'x' button does not register changed event. (1306036)

  • iOS: Fixed a UnityWebRequest issue that caused freezing on background/resume when the device is offline. (1315244)

  • iOS: Fixed FixedUpdate being called on startup more times than should be to account for Time.deltaTime on first Update. (1318647)

  • Particles: Fixed incorrect error check in SetParticles that would cause an exception to be thrown when the offset value was equal or greater than the particles array length. (1313413)

  • Physics: Ensure that a Kinematic Rigidbody2D continues to accept MovePosition and/or MoveRotation commands when nested as a child of another Rigidbody2D. (1320783)

  • Physics: Fixed Collision.relativeVelocity being calculated incorrectly when an ArticulationBody was part of the contact pair. (1310485)

  • Scene Manager: This change prevents Unity from crashing when the asset of the current opened scene has been deleted, a new scene asset is imported, with same GUID, and the user chooses "reload". (1309393)

  • Scripting: Fixed Filename/Line extraction in logs not working correctly in some edge cases. (1300479)

  • Scripting: Fixed a problem when adding UI Toolkit pkg to a project where a scripted imported from the pkg would get rejected and exceptions would be reported to the user. (1269167)

  • Scripting: Fixed ScriptUpdater crash when Editor is installed in a folder with spaces in the path. (1309831)

  • Serialization: Fixed regression where Event code could be stripped from build when using il2cpp. (1301147)

  • Services: Fixed a bug where the crash reporting symbol uploader process would crash on Apple M1 hardware.

  • Services: Fixed a bug where the crash reporting symbol uploader process would crash on parsing certain dSYM files.

  • Shaders: Fixed #pragma once directive not working correctly with the caching preprocessor (1322879)

  • Shaders: Fixed a rare crash when upgrading shaders. (1299790)

  • Shaders: Fixed incorrect code generated by HLSLcc for textureQueryLod GLSL function (1314040)

  • Shaders: Fixed incorrect line numbers reported for errors in shader files when using Caching preprocessor (1318689)

  • Shaders: Fixed shader compilation regression on Win 7 (1318359)

  • Shaders: Fixed shader keyword overflow when doing a build (1297800)

  • Shaders: Fixed sprites using default sprite material not rendering in the Editor when build target is set to console (1318066)

  • Timeline: Fixed error message when playing an audio track from its last sample. (1319163)

  • Video: Calling VideoPlayer.Prepare and VideoPlayer.StepForward produces a frame on a Render Texture (1318270)

  • WebGL: Added support for detecting Chrome and Firefox browsers on iOS devices. Fixes an issue that Chrome and Firefox browsers would fail to load on iOS 14.4. (1316861)

  • WebGL: Changed behavior of Application.OpenURL() for the WebGL platform to open an URL in a new browser tab instead of opening the URL in the current browser tab and thus navigating away. (1320393)

  • Windows: Setting a custom cursor now respects Windows DPI and Ease of Access settings related to the cursor size. (1305480)

  • XR: Always disable optimized frame pacing when using XR. (1288764)

  • XR: Fixed rect used by scissor test on Vulkan (1203183)

  • XR: Fixed URP Vulkan shows low perf on stress test when running development build. (1299445)

  • XR: Updated XR Interaction Toolkit to 1.0.0-pre.3.


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