Unity 2021.3.20

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Known Issues in 2021.3.20f1

  • Asset - Database: Script recompiles in Play Mode when Script Changes While Playing option is set to Recompile After Finished Playing and Auto refresh is set to enabled. (UUM-20409)

  • MacOS: Crash on __pthread_kill when multi-clicking on "Build and Publish" in the "LEGO Microgame" project (UUM-22236)

  • MacOS: [2D Platformer Microgame] 2D Platformer Microgame Project crash on __cxxabiv1::__aligned_malloc_with_fallback when pinching out or in on the trackpad during “Zoom in and out” step (UUM-20720)

  • MacOS: [M1] Crash on System.Object:__icall_wrapper_ves_icall_array_new_specific when launching a project (UUM-3207)

  • Mono: Crash with ScanAssemblyForAttributesAndInterfaceImplementations when opening a project (1376858)

  • Shader System: Crash during project build when accessing Remote Shader Cache (UUM-27645)

  • Visual Effects: SDF Baking causes memory to be allocated that isn't deallocated when in Play Mode and in Builds (UUM-25814)

2021.3.20f1 Release Notes


  • Editor: Improved performance of Transform.Find() API especially when working with large numbers of children.


  • Version Control: Updated branding from "Plastic SCM" to "Unity Version Control"<br> Improved offline experience by disabling the plugin when there is no internet connection


  • 2D: Store directory path instead of file path as the last used asset path when doing a drag and drop to create a Tile Asset (UUM-25250)

  • Android: Build will fail, if custom asset pack does not have a valid structure. (UUM-25501)

  • Android: Fixed an issue where Network.OperationalStatus would always return Unknown for Android. (UUM-19683)

  • Android: Fixed the Time.deltaTime values so they are now stable on Android devices. (UUM-10244)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed indeterministic output for any asset containing script types. (UUM-22077)

  • Build System: Fixed a BuildPipeline issue for the Android platform and MacStandalone builds which asks for a name and directory, despite having the last saved location details. This is triggered by using Ctrl+B (Windows) or Cmd+B (macOS). (UUM-19897)

  • Editor: Fixed a regression that changed the default behaviour of animators on disabled. (UUM-27229)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue copying hideflags to the cloned object when instantiating a GameObject. (UUM-22863)

  • Editor: Fixed component added twice when dragging script asset on inspector window from project window (UUM-26276)

  • Editor: Fixed Crash on GUIView::ProcessInputEvent when switching Editor layout (UUM-12892)

  • Editor: Fixed drag and drop crashes the editor if the window is docked. (UUM-23241)

  • Editor: Fixed error when opening the "Select Preset" window while having a user defined Preset class assets (UUM-11334)

  • Editor: Fixed Overlays not preserving enabled state through domain reloads. (UUM-20070)

  • Editor: Fixed Slowdown spikes when moving an object in the scene caused by the PropertyDatabase. (UUM-22631)

  • Editor: Fixed the size of the editor window being smaller than the wrongly set default (UUM-24686)

  • Editor: Fixed Unity Event callback list calculating its height incorrectly (UUM-9380)

  • Editor: The Focused Inspector window cannot be opened for multiple different Assets via the Inspector window (UUM-19504)

  • Editor: Unsaved changes made to assets are now preserved when renaming an asset while using Perforce (UUM-17896)

  • Editor: Using "Synchronous" flag with search expressions hangs Unity (UUM-14546)

  • GI: Fixed the help link at the top of the Lighting Window. (UUM-25787)

  • IL2CPP: Emitted code that compiles for array element access from null in a non-development player build. (UUM-597)

  • IL2CPP: Enabled proper handling of the unbox opcode when the result is used across IL basic blocks. (UUM-21101)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed a compile error when you enable bitcode for an Android build. (UUM-25113)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed the InvalidCastException being thrown when you serialize jagged arrays using BinaryFormatter. (UUM-23156)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed UnintializedDataAccessException when processing a function pointer that has a function pointer as a parameter. (UUM-9030)

  • Kernel: Fixed broken RECORD_ALLOCATION_SITES functionalit. (UUM-26702)

  • Kernel: Fixed crash resulting from UnityDefaultAllocator not tracking all allocations. (UUM-23090)

  • Kernel: Fixed potential crash at app shutdown. (UUM-26528)

  • macOS: Fixed Display systemWidth and systemHeight being wrong until window is moved to another display (UUM-501)

  • Mono: Enabled proper handling of the unbox opcode when the result is used across IL basic blocks. (UUM-21101)

  • Mono: Fixed a crash when using ConditionalWeakTable. (UUM-25411)

  • Package Manager: Packages are deleted after changing the My Assets cache location to non-default when the asset is updated in Package Manager. (UUM-25376)

  • Prefabs: Disabled IMGUI ReorderableList elements when previewing overridden values PrefabMode InContext. (UUM-13618)

  • Scripting: Fixed possible Editor hang while it waits for AssemblyUpdater when importing assemblies (UUM-7944)

  • Shaders: Fixed asset bundle backwards compatibility regression on material keywords. (UUM-26498)

  • SRP Core: Fixed a Render Graph bug where culled passes would be delegated to releasing a resource, resulting in unwanted leaking. (UUM-20800)

  • uGUI: Fixed CanvasRenderer color reset on Clear (UUM-3527)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed the ListView itemsRemoved event being invoked after the items were removed from the serializedObjectList. They are now removed after the callback. (UUM-10786)

  • Universal RP: Fixed a missing keyword in ParticlesSimpleLit for Lightmap shadow mixing. (UUM-26403)

  • Universal RP: Fixed an issue so that deferred rendering now works correctly in builds with Accurate GBuffer Normals enabled. (UUM-25112)

  • URP: 2D - Fixes 2D Sprite Light &amp; Freeform Light fast normal map quality setting to correctly use normal map (UUM-4613)

  • URP: 2D - Fixes a bug with ShadowCaster2D's shadow mesh bounds which was causing shadows to disappear (UUM-19090)

  • VFX Graph: Fixed enum fields could be cropped when text is too long (UUM-4420)

  • Windows: Fixed a potential crash during Windows Player cleanup. (UUM-25383)

  • Windows: Fixed Build to source folder when the project build dir is deleted. (UUM-25240)

Package changes in 2021.3.20f1

Packages updated


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