Unity Version Control

Create more efficiently with a version control system (VCS) made specifically to help programmers, artists, and designers overcome game development challenges, powered by Plastic SCM technology.

Learn version control tips for programmers and artists – straight from experts at Cygnus Entertainment. 观看研讨会


Unity Version Control is a scalable, engine-agnostic version control and source code management tool for game development studios of all sizes. Built with powerful Plastic SCM technology, Unity Version Control offers optimized workflows for artists and programmers and superior speed working with large files and binaries.  See how our users have leveraged this technology to create without compromise.

Plastic SCM is now Unity Version Control, a component of Unity DevOps

Smart Locks

Set custom lock rules, including branch exclusion, in the Lock rules panel.

Smart Locks: For confident branching

Whether you’re branching or not, Smart Locks enforces a single line of development by “traveling” across branches until it reaches the destination branch where the change is checked or merged back in. By traveling and automatically checking to confirm that you’ are working from the latest version before allowing you to lock a file, Smart Locks greatly minimizes the risk of merge conflicts.

Easier VCS management in the Hub

Enabling and managing Version Control directly within the Unity Hub is now easier than ever. Just by selecting a checkbox, you can create and link a Version Control repository to a new project. See the project to repository connection status, and link and unlink repositories to existing projects.  


Create and link a Version Control repo when you create a project in the Hub.



独立的工作流程,相同的代码仓库。开发者可以集中方式开展工作,也可通过完整的分支和合并解决方案以分布方式开展工作,而美术师可以基于文件的工作流程和直观的 UI 进行创作。


Built to remain performant and responsive with big files and huge repos, Unity Version Control effortlessly handles the unique complexities of game development.


Unity Version Control works with any engine, including Unreal, and Unity creators can benefit from its deep integration with the Editor. Unity Version Control also integrates with IDEs, issue tracking, collaboration, and DevOps tools like JIRA, Rider, TeamCity, Jenkins, and more.

Realize value instantly

Instantly set up dedicated cloud servers out of the box to empower your teams to collaborate from anywhere in the world – even when you’re working with the large binary files common in game development.

Work without worry

Code safely with branching and merging, and make changes confidently with locking. Unity Version Control is the only VCS with both.




Created for more than just code, Unity Version Control minimizes conflicts with locking to let you work independently in a separate workspace connected to your main project repo.

面向 Git 用户

Unity Version Control just works. 迁移非常简单,您可以开箱即用地处理大文件并放心提交。人人皆可使用 – 技术水平不限。

面向 Perforce 用户


Ralf Mauerhofer, Game Developer and Cofounder, Koboldgames GMBH

“[Unity Version Control] can handle large files and repositories. 视觉分支管理器非常出色;我们的图形设计师可以轻松使用它。让外部人员对特定项目进行有限访问的工作也能轻松实现。”

Ralf Mauerhofer, Game Developer and Cofounder, Koboldgames GMBH
Duncan McRoberts, Director of Software Development, Meta Company

“The speed of pulling and pushing sizable repos is impressive, and the system is considerably faster than our previous solution. 开发者和美术师都能轻松使用其 UI。”

Duncan McRoberts, Director of Software Development, Meta Company
Garry Newman, Owner and Game Developer, Facepunch Studios

“We have done some really, really huge merges over the years – the kind of merges that you would have ended up having to do by hand with other tools. 但使用 Plastic SCM 后,我们根本不需要考虑这些问题。”

Garry Newman, Owner and Game Developer, Facepunch Studios


Unity Version Control works with any engine and easily integrates into your DevOps toolchain. 它与问题跟踪、沟通、协作、CI、IDE 等工具配合良好。

Unity 徽标
Rider Jetbrains
TeamcCity Jetbrains
Unreal 引擎


Your first three users and 5 GB-hour of monthly data storage are free. 之后,定价取决于每月活跃用户数和总云存储量。For on-prem solutions, please contact sales about Unity Version Control.

Made with Unity Version Control

Project Shrine

Learn how Monster Closet Games maximizes efficiency using engine-agnostic Unity DevOps solutions and automations with Unreal Engine.

《Return to Nangrim》

了解 Sycoforge 如何利用 Unity 工具来管理不断扩大的项目作用域,并整合玩家反馈以实现快速、迭代的游戏开发。


Find out why Unknown Worlds chose Unity solutions for version control to help bring Subnautica to life.


项目组织和 VCS 最佳实践

Learn the key concepts of version control, as well as tips and tricks you can use when setting up your Unity project to help ensure smooth, efficient team collaboration.

Avoid hidden productivity costs



Want to dive into Unity Version Control but don’t know where to begin? Check out our introductory course on Unity Learn and start collaborating more efficiently today.


Get Unity Version Control up and running in just a few minutes with simple instructions. 如果您需要更多建议,或只是心存疑问,Unity 支持团队都将随时准备提供帮助。


Can Unity Version Control be used only with Unity?

No, you can combine Unity Version Control with almost any other software in your stack to unlock a powerful VCS. However, the Unity Version Control package for Unity makes using version control within the core game engine extra intuitive.


To begin using Unity Version Control, you need to sign up for the service using your Unity account. 您可以在此处找到可帮助您在 Unity 编辑器或其他引擎中开始使用的指南。如果在开始之前还有其他疑问,请随时与我们联系

What is Unity Version Control?

Unity Version Control is a hosted, multi-tenant, cloud-based server that organizations can use to store their Plastic repositories in the cloud.

Who is Unity Version Control for?

Unity Version Control is source control for game development teams working with large repositories and files who only need a cloud server (and optional local cloned repos). 您可以推送/拉取(或直接签入)到云服务器。Unity Version Control includes the client and the cloud service.

What do I need to use Unity Version Control?

You’ll need a Unity DevOps subscription to store your repositories in our hosted service.

How is my data secured in the cloud?

When you use Unity Version Control, the download & upload communications are always done via SSL, which provides a secure encryption for the data package sent from the client to the server.

How is the connection to Unity Version Control secured?

Unity Version Control only allows SSL connections.

How does Unity Version Control licensing work?

Unity Version Control includes a free tier with three free seats and 5 GB-hour of storage. After the fourth user, you pay monthly per seat. If you exceed 5 GB-hour of storage, you pay for extra storage per team, not per user. See pricing for details.





What is Plastic SCM?

Unity Version Control is our new brand for Plastic SCM. It is still the same great solution with all of the features you have come to enjoy, simply under a new brand name.

Does Unity Version Control require a local (on-premises) Plastic Server?

No. Unity Version Control, as a component of Unity DevOps, is a hosted service that runs in the cloud. The version control client can be downloaded locally, but still connects to the cloud service.

Can Unity Version Control run on-premises?

Unity Version Control can be available as an on-prem solution. Contact us for details.

How do I upload my data to the Cloud?

You push your data from your local server to the Cloud.

Can I check in and merge with Unity Version Control?


Can I lock files if I use Gluon to access the Cloud?

是的,可以。You can also configure the files that will be locked on checkout from your Unity Version Control organization’s dashboard.




需要。您可以随时激活和停用用户。Unity Version Control keeps the history of every user, active or deactivated. 只有活跃用户可以访问系统。

What does Unity Version Control support include?
  • 24 小时内电子邮件支持响应
  • 远程支持连接,以解决更复杂的问题
  • 优先从开发团队获得代码“修补程序”

Learn more here.



1. 对代码仓库执行写入操作,以:

  • 进行签入
  • 进行代码审查
  • 创建对象,如标签、变更集(推送或签入)、分支、属性或代码仓库

2. Upload or download 5 MB of data

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