Brand assets

Our logo is one of our most valuable assets. Use it clearly and consistently and do not alter it in any way. Do not use our logo in such a manner as to imply that other content was authored or sponsored by Unity.

Clear space

The clear space around the logo is set to be even to its own height (a). Maintain the same distance between the logo and other graphic elements, the frame edge, and the headline.


Best practices

When using a Unity logo asset, ensure that it is clear, consistent, and in a manner that does not imply that the content was authored or sponsored by Unity. 

Do not manipulate, change or customize the logo in any way. Be mindful not to place over complicated imagery or patterns.


The Unity logo has gone through small but important updates in the past few years. The subtlety of the refinements help the logo build recognition, while fine-tuning it for optimal balance.

Consequently, many have found it difficult to distinguish it from older versions. Here are a couple of tips to help identify the current logo.

Made with Unity

The Made with Unity logo is a versatile mark that can be used universally to communicate that a project, game or experience was created with Unity.

Norman’s Island by Little Mountain Animation

Norman’s Island by Little Mountain Animation

Unity Tab

In instances where space is very limited or scale is minimal — like social media or application launch icons — the Unity tab can be used in place of the full Unity logo. This is optimal when audience awareness is high and within a Unity context.

The Unity tab consists of the Unity cube inside a solid shape, which functions as a container to balance out the shape.

The Unity cube should never exists on its own without the container.

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