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Games Made with Unity: May 2024 in review
MICHAEL SAVER / UNITY TECHNOLOGIESSenior Product Marketing Manager
Jun 10, 2024|4 Min
Paper trail

Wondering what games were made with Unity?

May was one of the most packed months of releases we’ve seen in a while, with tons of indie games we’re excited about. To the best of our abilities, here’s a non-exhaustive list of games made with Unity and launched in May of 2024, either into early access or full release. If you see something that inspires you, be sure to purchase, wishlist, or even share on your social media. Any bit helps these devs!

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Surmount: A Mountain Climbing Adventure, Jasper Oprel, Indiana-Jonas (May 2)

Seal: WHAT the FUN, PLAYWITH GAMES Inc. (May 3 – early access)

Nerobi, SANOBUSINESS S.R.L. (May 7 – early access)

SMYS : Show Me Your Stairs, StarvingFox Studio (May 15)

Pre Dusk, Okba Amrate (May 18)

City builder, management, and strategy games

FOUNDRY, Channel 3 Entertainment (May 2 – early access)

Fabledom, Grenaa Games (May 13)

Coffee Caravan, Broccoli Games (May 20)

Songs of Conquest, Lavapotion (May 20)

Synergy, Leikir Studio (May 21 – early access)

Galacticare, Brightrock Games (May 23)

Dethroned, Irid Games (May 26 – early access)


ROBOBEAT, Simon Fredholm (May 14)


Horror games

Crow Country, SFB Games (May 9)

The Tower on the Borderland, DascuMaru (May 20)

Imaginary Friend Asylum, Grant Marrs (May 20)


Cosmic: A Journey Among Shadows, King's Pleasure (May 6 – early access)

Arcane Assembly, Isaac Lee (May 17)

Genopanic, Mobirate (May 17)

Venture to the Vile, Studio Cut to Bits (May 22)

Nine Sols, RedCandleGames (May 29)

Narrative and mystery

1000xRESIST, sunset visitor 斜陽過客 (May 9)

Deep Beyond, Avix Games (May 15)

Pine Hearts, Hyper Luminal Games Ltd (May 23)

Duck Detective: The Secret Salami, Happy Broccoli Games (May 23)

Puzzle and adventure

Gift, Toydium, Million Edge (May 8)

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes, Simogo (May 16)

Paper Trail, Newfangled Games (May 21)

Ouros, Michael Kamm (May 22)

Hauntii, Moonloop Games (May 23)


Rogue Voltage, Horizont Computergrafik(May 10 – early access)

Ruindog, Rama Studio (May 12)

The Land Beneath Us, FairPlay Studios Co. Ltd (May 13)

Gatekeeper, Gravity Lagoon (May 13 – early access)

Never Mourn, Primal Seed (May 13 – early access)

Terra Randoma, Deniz K. (May 23)

Zet Zillions, OTA IMON Studios (May 23)


Fay's Factory, egor dorogov (May 8 – early access)

Plushie from the Sky, fishwind (May 6)

Cryptmaster, Paul Hart, Lee Williams, Akupara Games (May 9)

Dread Delusion, Lovely Hellplace (May 14)

Seablip, Jardar Solli (May 17 – early access)

SKALD: Against the Black Priory, High North Studios AS (May 30)

Vendir: Plague of Lies, Early Morning Studio (May 30)


Little Kitty, Big City, Double Dagger Studio (May 9)

Brocula, Destroyer Doggo (May 9)

Cozy Caravan, 5 Lives Studios (May 16 – early access)

Sports and driving

Heading Out, Serious Sim (May 7)

Blacktop Hoops, Vinci Games (May 16)


When the Light Dies, Electric Monkeys, Secret Level Studios (May 2 – early access)

V Rising, Stunlock Studios (May 8)

Carth, Deidre Reay Studios LLC (May 15 – early access)

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