Target & Price Users

Target your audience, set the right price, and analyze reporting to reach the right users 

Targeting options for a successful campaign

Unity has a variety of targeting tactics that you can incorporate into your campaign to reach the right users. Defining campaign parameters helps you to narrow in on your user base and convert them into new users. 

Source bidding

The apps where you advertise are valued differently based on your specific campaign goals. Now you have the flexibility to not only select where your ads will run but also to set granular bids to ensure that you are acquiring users that are valuable to you.

Optimize Smarter

Ability to make smart optimizations with granular bids within specific apps and geographies.

Self-service campaign set-up

Set-up and make changes directly within the self-service dashboard.

Flexible Bidding

Ability to keep your targeting pool more broad with the flexibility to set the right price and ensure the users you acquire meet your goals.

Audience Pinpointer

Based on predicted in-app behavior at the individual player level, Audience Pinpointer makes sure you are paying the right price for each player through dynamic CPI (cost per install) based on your optimization goals.

How it works

Unity’s machine learning model generates a real-time valuation of each user at the time of an ad request. The algorithm decides on a bid for specific users based on their individual valuations. The system updates constantly based on actual user behavior and the preferences of millions of players across Unity’s platform.

A powerful service for your user acquisition strategy

Optimize for retention or revenue

Acquire users who are more likely to stay up to 7 days in your game or based on their predicted value within 7 days. Depending on predicted 7 day retention or the ROAS (return on ad spend) target from the advertiser, our solution adjusts the CPI dynamically so you pay the right price for each user.

User-level targeting

Every player is different, yet most solutions either treat all players the same or target based on cohorts. With Audience Pinpointer you are paying the right price for each user.

Save time and spend smarter

By defining your goals at the start of the campaign and using dynamic pricing, you can reduce the need for manual optimizations and ensure you are spending your investment efficiently.

Report builder

Build custom reports through a drag-and-drop interface to surface deeper insights, measure your performance and make optimizations to grow your games business successfully. 

How Trailmix went from soft launch to a global success using Audience Pinpointer

Learn how the studio collaborated with Unity from early stages all the way up to global release to refine their targeting, test creatives, and help them scale up their user acquisition.

trailmix case study

Reach and captivate your audience

Unity’s advertising solutions have everything you need to meet your campaign goals. Learn how to tell your game’s story with ads that engage your players.

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