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Onboarding guide: Get started with Unity Industry
Build immersive real-time 3D experiences for augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), desktop, mobile, and web.

Install and activate Unity Industry

Unity Enterprise, Pixyz Plugin, Unity Cloud, and On-Demand Training are included with your Unity Industry subscription. Follow the steps below to install and activate your Unity Industry products.

Unity Enterprise

Refer to our Unity installation guide, or follow our step-by-step tutorial to activate Unity Enterprise.

Pixyz Plugin

Refer to our installation guide to install Pixyz Plugin.

Unity Cloud

Access the Unity Cloud Onboarding guide to get started with Unity Cloud, Unity Asset Manager, and DevOps.

On-Demand Training

Your Industry package entitles access to our Professional On-Demand Training platform, providing access to over 300 hours of professional content, enabling you to upskill across Unity products, tools and workflows at your own pace. Simply sign-in to On-Demand Training with your Unity ID to get started!

Products included

Discover the products and services that will equip you with the tools you need to create immersive experiences across any device, platform, or industry.

Unity Enterprise
Unity Enterprise
Manage complex real-time 3D projects using built-in support and creation tools that scale, including three years of Unity Long Term Support (LTS) and read-only source code access.
Unity Pixyz
Pixyz Plugin

Import more than 40 3D, CAD, and BIM file types to bring source data into Unity’s real-time 3D platform.

Industry Success
Industry Success
This Unity Industry-exclusive program helps you overcome challenges faster with dedicated success advisors, professional training and onboarding, and rapid-response support.
Industry Onboarding ODT
On-Demand Training
Access hundreds of hours of training content designed for professional creators wherever and whenever you want.

Get inspired by these use cases

Discover how Unity Industry can streamline your workflows, amplify your productivity, and elevate your results. These resources are designed for beginner and intermediate users.

The beginner’s guide to building extended reality (XR) experiences

Throughout each of these three workshops, you’ll learn skills that will help you to better understand how Unity Industry enables AR, VR, and MR, and how to build immersive XR applications.

Field and factory operations in mixed reality

Discover how enterprise giants like SAP are using AR, VR, and XR to reinvent how businesses are run.

Reimagine product design and development

With Unity, designers and engineers can experience their creations in a shared visual space. This increases collaboration and interaction speed, ultimately leading to the delivery of higher-quality designs and products.

The new way of working is immersive

This commissioned study, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Unity, features insights from over 300 decision makers and explores how technologies like AR, VR, and real-time 3D have grown in response to unprecedented global challenges.

Build and deploy to Apple Vision Pro

Leverage familiar workflows and powerful tools to build and bring your industry applications into the new frontier of spatial computing. Available now for Unity Industry customers. Full documentation is available here. Do you have unique project needs? Talk to our team to learn how we can help you build compelling spatial experiences.

Support services

Discover our support services

Top-notch educational services and support from Unity experts are at your fingertips – get the help you need, whenever you need it.

Need help with licenses, ID accounts, organizations, the Unity Asset Store, or other nontechnical issues? Sign into your Unity ID to submit a priority ticket to our Customer Experience team.

Unity offers a variety of free and fee-based options to support you at any stage of your project. Contact us to find out more.

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Unity Industry FAQ

Still have unanswered questions? Read our FAQ or reach out to one of our experts for support.