Unity 基本成功计划

项目遇到了问题?开发周期极为紧张?订阅 Unity 基本成功计划可换来高枕无忧。您专属的支持协调员和经验丰富的 Unity 工程师随时准备提供帮助。


The support you need, when you need it

Unity 基本成功计划可确保最大限度减少停机时间、获得问题的答案并快速解决问题。由经验丰富的 Unity 工程师提供及时的技术支持,在保证的响应时间内给予回复,并通过指派支持协调员确保解决您遇到的各种问题。

Keith O’Conor, Technical Director, Romero Games

“It’s invaluable to be able to ask anything – whether it’s about a bug, needing more detail on a particular feature, or wondering the best way to implement something – and have an experienced engineer with knowledge of the code base be able to answer. And if they can’t answer, then they know who to ask. This is all without taking time away from our programming team, so they can concentrate on making the game."

Keith O’Conor, Technical Director, Romero Games

Key benefits

Access to Unity engineers

Unity engineers will work on up to three concurrent tickets with guaranteed response times. You choose the severity of the ticket you submit, selecting 8, 12, or 24 hours for a response.

Support Coordinator

Your Unity Support Coordinator drives issues from submission to resolution and maintains clear lines of communication so you always know what’s going on.

Unlimited users and named contacts

As many users as you like can submit tickets.


除了基本成功计划之外,Unity 还提供了集成成功计划,它提供了许多附加功能。其中包括更多并发票证、年度项目审查以及 Unity 开发者关系经理 (DRM) - 您的项目的战略合作伙伴。

Frequently asked questions

购买 Unity 基本成功计划后会发生什么?

购买基本成功计划后,您的 Unity 支持协调员将在 Zendesk 中设置您的组织,然后与您联系,安排新合作伙伴培训通话。

Unity 基本成功计划的订购期限是多长时间?

It’s a one-year subscription, which you can either pay up-front or monthly.


No. It’s a one-year contract. At the end of the year, you can choose whether to renew for another year.

Why wouldn’t I just assign the highest level of severity to all my tickets?

Tickets are handled by the Unity engineers based on severity. While you certainly could assign every ticket the highest level of severity, you run the risk of Unity engineers spending time on a lower-priority issue instead of the ones you really want addressed first.


Unity 基本成功计划有许多可以购买的附加组件,例如更多的票证、更快的响应时间等等。规模较大的公司可以考虑集成成功计划,这是一个更高级别的支持选项,包括五个票证、项目审查、专属战略合作伙伴。

What does a typical ticket resolution involve?

While some tickets are very easy to resolve, others take extensive work by our internal engineering team to dig deep into source code. These tickets can involve multiple back-and-forths between you and the support and engineering teams as we work to resolve them in the best way possible.

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