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您是刚开始学习使用 Unity 吗?觉得有点无从下手?别担心;您来对了地方。在下面浏览并选择适合您的学习路径。

COVID-19 社区支持:在这一充满挑战的时期,Unity 将竭力为我们的创作者社区提供支持。加入编码创作直播 - 面向学生、教师或其他任何对学习编码感兴趣的人的虚拟课程。

Dive into VR development with the latest Unity Learn Pathway. Learn more

Create everything you can imagine

Unity is more than an engine – it’s the world’s leading platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D (RT3D) content. Game developers, artists, architects, automotive designers, filmmakers, and more use Unity to bring their imaginations to life.

Get Unity

Begin by downloading and installing the Unity Editor.

Unity Personal
Start creating today with the free version of Unity

Unity Personal is for individuals, hobbyists, and small organizations who want to create and grow amazing games and real-time 3D experiences across a wide range of platforms.

Student Plan
Free access to Unity Pro

Access the real-time 3D development platform and workflows that professionals use to create immersive experiences across industries. Free for students.

Educator Plan
Free access to Unity Pro

Teach students real-time 3D development and prepare them for career success with the tools and skills professionals use. Free for educators.

Start learning

Teach yourself real-time 3D development with Unity Learn, home to over 750 hours of free, on-demand learning content.

Learn Unity
Unity Essentials Pathway
2-week course for Unity beginners

This guided learning journey provides the background and foundational skills needed to start creating with confidence in the Unity Editor.

Junior Programmer
12-week course for future programmers

This comprehensive pathway is designed for anyone interested in learning to code or obtaining an entry-level professional Unity role.

Creative Core
10-week course for artists

This pathway takes you through learning VFX, lighting, animation, audio, UI, and other creative skills – no programming required.

VR Development Pathway
6-week course for aspiring VR Developers

This pathway is designed for anyone interested in learning to create experiences in VR.

Join the conversation

Dive into the Unity creator community to learn best practices, get answers to your questions, share knowledge, and find inspiration.

Unity Discussions
Helpful information in Q&A format

View questions asked and answered by Unity creators of all skill levels, or post your own.

Unity Forums
In-depth discussions and community chatter

Join conversations on a range of topics, share opinions, show off your work, get community feedback, and connect with your peers.

Unity User Groups
Meet other learners

Sign up for a User Group near you to build relationships and share your Unity experience with fellow learners and experts.

Find inspiration

Ready to begin your first project but not sure what to create? Check out exciting projects and creator stories for a glimpse into all that’s possible with real-time 3D.

Changemakers Showcase
Driving change with RT3D

Learn about innovative, impact-driven projects – and the visionaries behind them – to inspire your own creativity.

Social Impact newsletter
Inspiration in your inbox

Register to stay up-to-date on Unity Social Impact initiatives like grants and features, along with stories about inspiring creators and their compelling work.

Unity Blog
Read it here first

Keep an eye on the Unity Blog for the latest profiles, announcements, creator achievements, technical advice, and much more.


游戏引擎 — 有哪些游戏引擎?游戏引擎如何工作?

Start creating

Whatever you can imagine, bring it to life with Unity. Begin your learning journey today with our free licenses and online educational resources.

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