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Building Complex Objects with Nested Prefabs

Join us on November 14th, 12:30–1:30 pm EDT when we’re going to be building complex objects with Nested Prefabs on Learn Live. In this live session, you will work with a Unity Certified Instructor and through a series of mini-challenges will use Nested Prefabs and other Prefabs features to build and maintain complex objects that add realistic detail to your projects.

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What's New in Unity 2019?

Discover the latest features and improvements that were shipped with Unity 2019.1. DOTS, Project Tiny and the Lightweight Render Pipeline are among the standouts.

Coming Soon! Prescribed Success Paths

Follow the suggested path to success, curated by Unity and industry experts, evangelists, and success managers. Coming in 2019!

Five tips for keeping animators nice ’n’ tidy

Will Armstrong works on Unity’s Spotlight team. Before that, he cut his animation teeth on games like Firewatch, and he has some great tips on how to structure animator controllers.

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Even the largest of studios need a little help. Boost your productivity and skills with assets from the Unity Asset Store.

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