Unity for Small Things

Build small, light experiences in the Unity Editor you know, with the assets you already have.

Interested in Unity for Small Things?

Tell us a little about you and the messaging game you are interested in building. Please note that Unity for Small Things (Playable Ads and Games in Messaging Apps) is currently still in closed alpha. Stay tuned for updates.


Deliver fast experiences with smaller file sizes

To reach the world’s next devices, you need to deliver fast, light experiences. Unity’s brand-new, highly modular architecture with purpose-built tools gives you fine control over file size, resulting in quicker runtimes for lightweight devices. This new architecture, combined with asset pipeline optimizations, means ultra-fast delivery and startup times – opening up a whole new world of creative possibilities with Unity.

Work with a rich and extensible Editor

We have expanded Unity to support the development of small, light experiences, which means Artists and Developers can work together, in context, with the tools they already know. Unity Editor’s robust toolset and extendibility enables rapid editing and iteration in your development cycles giving you the ability to deliver rich experiences across a wide range of devices.

Reuse assets and save tons of time

If you’ve created assets in Unity, you’re able to reuse them, saving you tons of time. And, previously developed modules can be reused making your workflows easier and more efficient than ever.

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