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Unity is the platform for creating games, simulations, and VR/AR tools. Our solutions and services help you focus on your top priority – improving learners’ skills, knowledge and performance.

Labster Virtual Laboratory Simulation

Virtual lab simulations for STEM students

Labster empowers the next generation of scientists to change the world

Students learn to do science through virtual laboratory simulations that improve retention and outcomes. 

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Mobile AR Educational Toys

YumeGo: Mobile AR platform for enriching STEM tools and games.

This interactive mobile AR experience brings a virtual life-size chemistry lab to students where ever they are. They can learn about real world lab equipment, pick up virtual elements from the ground, and perform chemistry experiments safely and cheaply - much more fun and proven to have higher recall than passive learning.

Unity enables cutting-edge innovation in learning

The next generation of educational technology should let learners dive into interactive worlds and explore complex scenarios and concepts in completely new ways. 

Interactive and immersive learning

  • Multiplatform: Build once and deploy across multiple platforms, including support for the latest VR and AR technologies.
  • Innovative: Allows learners to practice complex procedures, explore ideas in new ways, and improve learning outcomes better than traditional approaches.
  • The latest technology: Training simulations can speed up training time, improve safety, reduce equipment costs, and deepen workforce expertise.

Tools for effective learning

  • Personalized: Unity Analytics allows you to track learner progress and motivation throughout the experience to drive better outcomes. Learn more.
  • Efficient: Unity Teams lets your team work faster together with the ability to save, sync and share as well as build on the cloud. Learn more.
  • Collaborative: Create multi-learner experiences that allow users to share a learning environment. Learn more.

Build faster, better

  • Speed up development and save costs: The Unity Asset Store has great deals on tools for developing learning and training. Learn more.
  • Improve you or your team’s Unity developer skills: Take the latest Unity online courses. Learn more.
  • Collaborate globally: Find and collaborate with the best talent and share your work with the Unity Connect. Learn more.

Accelerate Learning & Training Outcomes

Stay up-to-date with the latest technology. Get an edge by becoming a Unity Center of Excellence Partner, and you’ll get access to the latest courseware and learning materials so you can move faster and offer more comprehensive training programs.

Next Steps

Find out how Unity can help you build the best learning and training apps, games and simulations.

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