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Getting started with Netcode for Entities
May 15, 2024

Watch this on-demand webinar where developer advocate Esteban Maldonado will go over a deep dive into Megacity Metro, Unity’s latest large-scale, cross-platform multiplayer game sample made with Netcode for Entities and Unity Gaming Services.

Using the Megacity Metro sample, Esteban will cover:

  • How to enable Netcode for Entities in your project, plus some of the basic features to help you get started
  • The Multiplayer Play Mode tools included in the package that help you test and debug your game before taking it online
  • Networking your game and connecting players with Multiplay Hosting and Matchmaker

This on-demand webinar is for users who are already familiar with DOTS and want to start creating data-oriented, multiplayer games. Get Megacity Metro today and watch to learn the basics of Netcode for Entities.

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