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The journey to one billion mobile gamers starts from one platform.

Crazy Defense Heroes by Animoca Brands

Time for your mobile game to go global

As a mobile game developer, you want your game to reach as many people as possible. The challenge lies in the time and resources it takes to share a game worldwide – and that’s where the Unity Distribution Portal (UDP) comes in. Regardless of the size of your team, we make it easy to sell your game in Android alternative app stores everywhere.

Jurassic Monster World, by Azur Games

Jurassic Monster World, by Azur Games

Why alternative app marketplaces?

There are more than a billion reasons why you should consider submitting your game to alternative app marketplaces beyond just the Google Play store and App Store.

  • An estimated 1.7 billion mobile gamers will be using alternative app stores by 2023.
  • Around $5 billion dollars of revenue will be generated in stores outside of China.
  • Third-party app marketplaces are growing faster than the Google Play store.
  • The Unity Distribution Portal already reaches 1 billion+ players connected to these stores.

Reach more users

There are over a billion untapped gamers worldwide who could be playing your game. UDP helps to drastically cut the time it takes to publish your game to a multitude of alternative app stores.

Easily monitor your game’s performance

Track your game’s performance in every store from a single developer portal. The UDP  Reporting page tracks revenue, daily active users, monthly active users, and more.

Chaos Lords by Digital Pill

Make changes quickly

Make any in-game changes from a single workspace by pushing and pulling settings between the Unity Editor and UDP console. It’s also easy to revise and release different versions of your game within UDP.

Build locally, share globally

Over a billion people around the globe are buying and playing mobile games through alternative app marketplaces every day. Help them find your game too with one build, across many stores, reaching global audiences. This is the power of Unity Distribution Portal.

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