Runtime Fee Estimator

Use this tool to determine whether the Unity Runtime Fee will apply to your game and estimate any future monthly costs.

What will your eventual Runtime Fee costs look like?

No games created with any currently supported Unity versions are impacted, but we’ve created this tool to help you preview future expenses.
Estimated monthly Runtime Fee
Runtime Fee as percentage of revenue
Average fee per initial engagement $0.00

The Runtime Fee does not exceed 2.5% of your monthly revenue.

Runtime Fee does not apply.

The Runtime Fee only applies to games created with or upgraded to the Long Term Support (LTS) version releasing in 2024, currently referred to as Unity 6.

The Unity Runtime Fee Estimator does not collect user inputs. This estimator and its results are provided to assist you in understanding what amounts, if any, that you would pay due to Unity’s Runtime Fee under scenarios you simulate within the estimator. Results will vary based on your inputs and adjustments to the underlying assumptions. This tool provides estimates only.

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